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Edgewood Farm Residency

Artist in Residence at Edgewood Farm


Edgewood Farm Residency

Artist in Residence at Edgewood Farm

Artist in Residence at Edgewood Farm 2019

The new residency program proposed for The Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm is a program developed to encourage the development of creative, intellectual and personal growth of emerging and established artists. It works in collaboration with our distinguished educational facility at the Castle Hill Campus, whose mission is to foster the arts for the local and regional community.  The Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm will focus on the development of “the artistic process”  by providing artists a beautiful place to work for an extended period of time.  The residency program at Edgewood Farm will strive to bring a broader artistic cultural conversation to the local community and economy of the Outer Cape.

The Truro Center for the Arts at “Castle Hill” was established in 1971 by a group of committed Cape Cod artists who transformed the nineteenth century barn into an art educational and community center in Truro, Massachusetts. Forty-six years later, Castle Hill continues to provide workshops, lectures, exhibitions, events and employment opportunities for residents and visitors in a relaxed, non-competitive environment that is conducive for learning about and creating art.  The workshop curriculum offered at the Castle Hill Campus is for the beginner, intermediate or professional artist and allows students to explore a wide range of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpting, writing, mixed media visual arts, culinary arts and gardening workshops.  

The Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm sits on  nearly 8 bucolic acres adjacent to the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Atlantic Ocean and town conservation land.  The residency provides artists an opportunity to be in a quiet and contemplative place, within walking distance to the dunes, natural forests, ponds and spectacular beaches that are rated among the top ten most beautiful in the world.  At a time when the natural environment is at risk, Edgewood Farm will offer artists a place to regain a connection to the natural world and draw inspiration from the environment.  

Approximately 4 to 6 artists a month will have uninterrupted time to work in six studios.  Residencies are open to writers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, musicians, ceramicists and farmers.  Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm provides an open-studio residency that fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas among peers. It gives artists time to share work and discuss ideas across disciplines.  Each participating artist will be required to give a reading or a lecture and gallery exhibition or performance to the Castle Hill community and the general public.  

The residency programs are offered during 2 terms each year in the spring and fall for three months periods. Time frames will range from 2 weeks to one month to three month, plus week-long retreats in September. 


Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm is located on 11+ pristine and protected acres in the resort community of Truro at the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and bounded by the Cape Cod National Seashore on the east and the Town of Truro Conservation Land on the south. More than half of the land area of the town of Truro is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which was established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy and is administered by the U.S. National Park Service. Truro itself is bordered by Provincetown to the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast, Wellfleet to the south, and Cape Cod Bay to the west. The town is thirty-eight miles by road to the county seat of Barnstable, fifty miles from the Sagamore Bridge at the Cape Cod Canal, 105 miles from Boston and 112 miles from Providence, R.I.


  • Proposed Residency Length: 2 weeks, one month, two month or three months.

  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: six to eight.


  • Application type: Open application with portfolio review.

Applicants: Open to all artists, writers, musicians & farmers from the United States and from abroad.  All residents and visitors are welcome to experience the richness and diversity of our creative community. We seek to provide every Edgewood Farm resident with an equal opportunity to pursue their creative practice and share work with the community as well as to offer residents and visitors to participate in and enjoy Truro Center for the Arts lectures, events, and programs in an inclusive artistic and literary environment. 

  • Additional eligibility information: Applicants are accepted individually. Review of work submitted is based on seriousness and quality. Artists can apply as a collaborative team as well.

  • Proposed Application deadlines:

    • August 31 for October, November and December, 2 week or 1 month residency

    • March 1 for March, April & May (date is extended as a few openings came up)

  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. It is suggested to submit at least 6 weeks prior to residency start dates.

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private bedroom in a shared beautiful antique farmhouse and barn. Bedding & towels are not provided and are the responsibility of the resident.

  • Meals: Shared kitchen facilities available; meals are not provided.

  • Computer/internet access: Computer and internet connection is provided in common (shared) area; wireless internet is available.

  • Accessibility: Housing/grounds/studios are accessible 24 hours a day at Edgewood Farm.

  • Studios/special equipment: Studios are available for painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and writing. All materials are the responsibility of the artist.

  • Smoking: Permitted outdoors only.

  • Laundry: is available on the premises.

  • Other available facilities: The Castle Hill Campus has a well-equipped ceramic studio and houses electric and gas kilns, a salt kiln, and a wood-fired kiln. It has a darkroom (October, November) and a media/computer lab. Life-modeling sessions are held on a weekly basis. The Edgewood Farm Campus has a well-equipped printmaking studio as well as studio space alongside living spaces for painters, photographers and writers, and an outdoor work-space for sculptors. We do not yet have a forge.

Residency Fees

Application fee: $25
 Residency fee: $1500/month. or $850 for 2 weeks

All travel expenses and materials are the responsibility of the artist.  International applicants are welcome to apply.  Castle Hill actively seeks applicants from all backgrounds, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status or veteran status. 


Additional opportunities

There are many lectures, readings, art openings, studio visits, yoga classes, and other community events that residents may participate in if they choose; however, participation is entirely voluntary.

Contact Information

Truro Center for the Arts
P.O. Box 756
Truro, MA, 02666

Email Cherie:  cherie@castlehill.org
Phone: 508-349-7511

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Ceramic Residency

Ceramic Artist in Residence

Ceramic Residency

Ceramic Artist in Residence

Ceramic Artist in Residence

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is currently offering a 3 month Ceramic Artist in Residence Program during the winter of 2020 that is designed to provide time and facilities to artists looking for a concentrated creative experience. Our goal is to give driven and self-directed artists the opportunity to enhance their personal, intellectual and creative growth by expanding their body of work or creating a specific project. Free from the distractions of every day pressures, residents will be given time and space to concentrate on their work in the beautiful setting of Cape Cod and will be awarded a shared exhibition in the Castle Hill gallery upon completion of their stay.

The residency runs from January 6 to March 27, 2020 and includes housing and studio space for $500/month. A total of two residents will be selected based on a review of application materials. Each resident will have personal workspace in a shared studio and open access to the communal ceramics studio and kilns. Materials and firing fees are payable through Castle Hill at a discounted rate. Residents will share a furnished 2 bedroom apartment equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry and internet access. It is highly recommended to have a car, as there is limited public transportation and no grocery store within walking distance.

The ceramics facility at Castle Hill offers all standard studio equipment including wheels and a slab roller, as well as many kilns in excellent condition including: several programmable electric kilns, a Bailey gas kiln, raku, salt, and a train style wood kiln.  The studio barn is nestled in the gentle hills of Truro Massachusetts, just steps from the ocean. The Cape is rich with both nature and arts activity and abounds with beaches, nature trails and small-town charm.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Ceramics Director, Chris Watt at 508-349-7511 or chriswatt@castlehill.org,  there is a $25 application fee.

2018 Ceramic Residents

Camilla Ascher


Camilla Ascher is a ceramic artist from Natick Massachusetts and currently residing in Baltimore Maryland. She graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Art Education and in 2013 with a Certificate in Ceramics, both from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Camilla has recently completed a four month residency in Taiwan. Her work consists of wheel-thrown functional ware. Pattern is an important element to her surface design. She strives for patterns that are very organized and calming to the human eye with leaving an area of exposed clay. The feeling between surfaces of the rougher bare clay and the raised edge of the glossy or satin glazed surface brings tactile awareness when you hold the piece. Her goal is to create harmony between form and surface that has balance and a calm sense of equilibrium.

Jena Merrill


Jena Merrill is a ceramic artist born and raised in New York City. She received a BA in Studio Arts & Educational Studies from Swarthmore College in 2016 and completed a Special Student Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Starting with her commitment to the form of the pot and the importance of domestic spaces, Jena combines a delicate, formal sensibility with a playful and personal visual and tactile language. She focuses on using shape, form, line, and texture to create a kind of material poetry that fulfills an open approach to function, and she draws inspiration from hard-edge and minimalist painting, the natural world, and the relationships we forge with our surroundings.


Ceramic Co-op

Ceramic Cooperative

Ceramic Co-op

Ceramic Cooperative

Become a Member of the Co-Op

The goal of Castle Hill’s Ceramics Studio Cooperative (the Co-op) is to give local residents of Cape Cod the opportunity to work in a communal studio environment that is both well equipped and stimulating. Castle Hill offers its clean and functional ceramic studio to those who do not normally have access to ceramic facilities or home studios. Beyond offering the space and equipment, the Co-op supports an important need for the Cape community. It is designed to bring ceramic makers together so that they can share ideas, techniques and experiences within a supportive and creative environment. 

Castle Hill’s Ceramics Studio Cooperative is available to all levels of commitment and accomplishment and benefits from the broad range of skill sets its members bring to the studio. With your support and participation we expect the ceramics studio to continue developing as a dynamic place for students and Co-op Members to pursue their personal growth, while continuing to inspire and promote excellence in Castle Hill’s Ceramics Program. We encourage artists to work and learn together and what better way than through a cooperative environment!

Co-op Membership

How do I join the Co-op?

To join the Co-op, one must first become a Ceramics Studio Co-op Member for that year. After annual membership is established, a Member would register for a length of time to use the studio. Scheduled in advance with the Ceramics Studio Manager, the studio can be used for a day here or a week there or by monthly blocks. Once studio use has been scheduled, Members will be given a brief orientation as well as an allotted space for the exclusive storage of their personal supplies and work. 
Co-op Members must register and pay in advance of all studio use.

The Ceramic Cooperative is available for beginners to experienced potters. Your membership gives you access to the studio, tools, equipment, glazes and limited firings.

The annual membership provides many special benefits including:

  • Access to the Castle Hill Ceramics Studio, including use of all tools, glazes and equipment

  • The opportunity to participate in special sales and exhibitions hosted by Castle Hill

  • 10% discount on Castle Hill merchandise

  • 15% discount on summer workshops at Castle Hill (please remind the Registrar when you sign up for a class)

Co-op Costs

Co-op Membership: $50/year

Ceramic Studio Use Fees: 
(October 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020)
$900/3 months
$1,700/7 months

Studio Times and Dates 

The Castle Hill Ceramics Studio is open for Co-op use from October 1 through April 30, Monday through Thursday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Excluding scheduled class times.

The ceramics co-op is closed Friday-Sunday.

The co-op is also closed during scheduled workshop classes and holidays including but not limited to: Columbus Day, Veterans Day, the day before/after and including Thanksgiving Day, the week of the Winter Holidays, Martin Luther King Day and Presidents’ Day.
Please refer to bulletin board in the studio for additional closing times.
Contact the Ceramic Program Director with questions: chriswatt@castlehill.org


The Castle Hill Ceramics Studio houses 12 wheels (including 1 kick wheel), several worktables, a wedging table, storage shelves, a slab roller, banding wheels, plenty of ware-boards and bats, plaster forms, an extruder and a plethora of tools for all stages of working. We have 3 electric kilns, an electric test kiln, a large Bailey gas kiln, a raku kiln, a salt kiln and the only wood kiln on Cape Cod. The Ceramics Studio offers a dynamic assortment of over 20 high-fire glazes and a fully stocked glaze materials room so there’s always something new in rotation.



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Print Co-op

Print Cooperative

Print Co-op

Print Cooperative

Become a Print Co-op Member!

Our print shop at Edgewood Farm gives us the opportunity to offer Cape artists a space to create and produce prints in a fully equipped print shop. It is our hope that opening this cooperative space will build community and open an artistic dialogue.

Our print shop houses 3 intaglio/relief presses and a Vandercook Letterpress SP20. We offer a wide array of standard print shop equipment for your use.

An additional benefit of membership is a 10% discount on printmaking workshops.


Membership fees:
$50.00 Membership

Studio Use
Daily: $40.00
Weekly: $100.00
Monthly: $400.00
Six month: $1400.00

Individual instruction may also be arranged for an additional fee.
*The studio of the Printmaking Cooperative is available when workshops are not in session.  

How to Join

Just give us a call:  (508) 349-7511


Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships


Seasonal Interns are responsible for the smooth, safe and efficient running of workshops and for daily set-up of studios. Studios require quick breakdowns and set ups between classes with attention to the detailed requirements of each class. Interns work with visiting faculty to assist and monitor classes. Classes change every week and studio interns must anticipate new requirements and understand how all equipment functions. Studios open at 8:45 am and close at 5:00 pm, interns ideally work on a staggered schedule from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (times will vary depending on evening workshops). Administrative Interns support the Castle Hill office staff and will develop skills in non-profit office administration including aspects of marketing, fundraising, and event planning.

College Interns have the opportunity to take up to three workshops of their choice during the summer season, High School Interns can take two workshops of their choice.

Applications and information for 2019 Summer Studio and Administrative Internships are below.

College Student Intern Application:

High School Student Intern Application:

Work Study

Our Work Study program is for adults who have a strong desire to take a workshop but who may not have the opportunity to take our classes without financial assistance. Work study students receive credit to be applied towards the tuition of their workshop. For every 1.5 hours worked, one hour credit will be applied towards workshop tuition. Work study awards are based on need as well as prior work experience.



Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill has served a single purpose for more than 40 years: to create an inclusive and supportive arts community by providing a wide range of artistic experiences to students at all levels of ability. Energized by a faculty of distinguished artists and writers and enlivened by a welcoming and engaging community, Castle Hill offers workshops, lectures, exhibitions, performances, special events and short-term artist residencies. Located in an exquisitely beautiful rural setting, Castle Hill provides unique and inspiring learning experiences to all who come here.


Castle Hill does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, or marital status in the admission of students, hiring of personnel, or in the administration of its work study, internship or scholarship program.







Volunteers are mostly needed during the busy summer months at Castle Hill.  For information on current volunteer opportunities, or to be contacted for future needs, please get in touch!  508-349-7511


2019 Scholarships

Scholarships and Discounts

2019 Scholarships

Scholarships and Discounts

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is committed to providing financial need scholarships making it possible for local residents to attend an arts workshop.

  • Castle Hill offers 15 financial-need scholarships for 2019 workshops for year-round Residents who live in the Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet. 

    • 10 Memorial Scholarships for 50% off a Summer Workshop for year-round Residents of Truro, Wellfleet or Provincetown

    •  5 Full Hometown Scholarships for a Summer Workshop for year-round Residents of Truro

Please choose the scholarship that is the best fit for you. One scholarship application per person.

The Budd Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarships for a painting workshop for year-round residents of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet

The Doris Harris Memorial Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarships for a ceramics workshop for year-round residents of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet

The Justin Kaplan Memorial Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarships for a writing workshop for year-round residents of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet

The Will Barnett Memorial Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarships for a printmaking workshop for year-round residents of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet

The Claire Flanders Memorial Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarships for a photography/digital media workshop for year-round residents of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet

The Castle Hill Hometown Scholarship for Truro Year-Round Residents
Five full-tuition scholarships for year-round residents of Truro


Truro Center for the Arts offers the following discounts, which will be deducted at time of registration. Combined total discounts cannot exceed $100. 

Multiple Workshops Discount
   $25 discount for a second workshop after the first full tuition payment

Refer-A-Friend Workshop Discount
   $50 discount when your referred friend signs up with full tuition to a workshop that you are enrolled in

Donor Discount
   Various discounts available by Donor Level

BFA or MFA Student
   $50 discount for students currently enrolled in a BFA or MFA program

In addition to the discounts listed above, we periodically offer special promotions

advertised through our e-newsletters and Facebook page.




Outer Cape Artist in Residence Consortium (OCARC)

 2019 APPLICATION FORM - Deadline has passed

Send to Janet Whelan, 5 Cook Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

508-487-2632,  jrwhelan@comcast.net



The Outer Cape Artists in Residence Consortium (OCARC) was founded in 1995 in response to a request by the Cape Cod National Seashore (Seashore) to establish a residency program in one of its historic dune shacks at the edge of the Atlantic “back shore” in Provincetown. It offers the artist the creative stimulation that isolation and solitude provide. In the summer of 1995, OCARC was awarded the Margo-Gelb shack by the Seashore, with the first residencies being held in 1996. 

OCARC is made up of four non-profit organizations - three arts organizations [the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown (FAWC), Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM), Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill (Castle Hill)] and a dune shack advocacy group, Peaked Hill Trust (PHT). PHT oversees the maintenance of the Margo-Gelb shack as well as provides the transportation to/from the shack on Saturdays.


Six residencies are awarded each year during the season of mid-May – mid-October.  The first residencies included a writer, a photographer, a sculptor, two painters and a painter-poet. Since then the residencies have been of a similar mix.

Writers and Artists (artists may include painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, musicians, etc.) may apply for a two-week residency. Any practicing artist may apply; however priority for consideration for a residency will be given to applicants who are a Former Fellow or member of FAWC, a member of PAAM, or a member of Castle Hill. Those who have never participated in the program will have priority over those who have already had this opportunity.


Those who are awarded residencies will receive a two-week stay in the dunes. The dates available are for two week periods, starting and ending on Saturday:

 May 19-June 2  User fee $400               

June 16-June 30   User fee $750

July 14-July 28  User fee $750 Fees are higher during the "high" summer season.

August 11-August 25  User fee $750

September 08-September 22  User fee $550

September 29-October 13                User fee $400


Applications are due March 15, 2019 and are reviewed by a committee. The residencies will be awarded by April 15. 2019.

Payment of user fees is due in full by April 30, 2019.


As an element of OCARC’s agreement with the National Park Service, participants are requested to develop a means of sharing their dune shack experience with a broader audience, such as through an exhibition, reading, workshop, demonstration, or exhibit.  Participants should discuss their ideas for programs and venues with OCARC



The Margo-Gelb shack, which was once owned by painter Boris Margo and his wife, printmaker Jan Gelb, sits on a high dune overlooking the ocean.  It has views on all directions. The one room shack is about 14 feet by 12 feet in size, with an environmentally friendly, composting outhouse nearby.  The shack has two single beds, a work-dining table, sink, gas burners, a gas refrigerator, and cooking/eating utensils. There is no wood stove or other source of heat.  A hand pump for water is located about 100 feet from the shack (NOTE: this is good drinking water and is tested every year.)  There is a clothesline near the shack for hanging wash.

Mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided.  Residents must supply towels, sheets, sleeping bags (if desired), and whatever food, art supplies and clothing they need.  The National Park Service doesn't allow pets.

PHT maintains the shack and provides transportation in and out of the dunes at the beginning and end of the stay.  The town of Provincetown is within walking distance, about two miles away.  Because of severe erosion along the shore, the path down to the beach is somewhat longer and less direct than previously. Signs directing foot traffic are posted.



The applicants need not be a Fellow or member of FAWC or a member of PAAM or Castle Hill, but those who fit one of these categories will be given priority, all things being equal, when considering those who will receive the residency.  Also given priority are those who have never before received this residency.

The applicant must be a practicing writer or artist who demonstrates through his/her resume and letter why he/she wishes the residency and how the experience will be beneficial to him/her and the overall program by means of the public presentation.

The applicant should give an outline of that program, but may change the outline with approval of OCARC and the Seashore before the event, as long as time is allowed for proper advertising. 

An application fee of $10 should accompany the application.  A check should be made out to OCARC.

The application may also include three references and any other material, such as reviews, that the applicant feels will help in the selection process.

OCARC does not discriminate regarding age, religion, race, disability, etc., but a disabled person must demonstrate that he/she could negotiate a steep sand hill to the shack and any other obstacles related to primitive, isolated, living.  An applicant with physical disabilities should specify needs in the application, due to the isolation and terrain of the location.

Deadline for 2019 application:  March 15, 2019.  The shack is available from mid-May to mid-October.  Please indicate in your application the first and second choices for residency dates, two weeks, starting with a Saturday date.


Applications will be processed by a committee.  A resident may have a guest or guests visiting the shack, but only one at a time.  The prime intent of this experience is considered to be its isolation and how solitude may affect and enhance the creative process.



Application fee $10, check or money order made out to OCARC.Letter of Intent (artistic), which includes your affiliation with one of the three arts organizations, if anyOutline of Proposal for Public EventSlides or DVD’s of work/photos/manuscripts/published material/reviews/etc.Self addressed stamped envelope if you wish material returnedDates, two weeks starting on a Saturday that you wish to be considered for, and/or if any dates are o.k.Send the above to OCARC, % Janet Whelan, 5 Cook Street, Provincetown, MA 02657. (508) 487-2632..For questions about the application, contact Janet Whelan at jrwhelan@comcast.net





We are always looking for models to sit for our workshops and figure drawing sessions.  Opportunities may be available throughout the year.
If you are interested in putting your name on our model list, please call the office at 508-349-7511 or email marisa@castlehill.org for more information.  


Master Class Residency With Michael David

Master Class Residency With Michael David


Please join us for this unique opportunity for a two-week residency and Master Class with Artist/ Gallerist/ Teacher Michael David

DATES: May 17 - 28 (Sunday - Thursday)
(does not include food or Conference housing)

This residency and master class will provide you a studio,  and living quarters surrounded by the beauty of Cape Cod. The program will be limited to only 8 participants and will be subject to a portfolio submission process.

The goal of this hybrid master class/residency will provide you the time to focus on your work away from the distractions of  day-to-day routines and to participate in the shared energy of like-minded artists as you take your work to new levels and prepare for exhibition opportunities

This master class residency will be unique in that the timing ends with the 14th International Encaustic Conference offers ! The work created at the residency will also result in an exhibition that opens during the Conference Kick off on Thursday May 28 before the conference.

Michael David will work with you via Skype or phone for two hour long sessions (email as needed) prior to your arriving at the residency. This will allow Michael to gain a better understanding of you, your work and goals to maximize your experience. He will also be available on a consistent basis for dialogue about your work during the time in Truro, with the artwork produced being part of a final exhibition. 

Focusing on your existing bodies of work and developing  an increased understanding of how critical thinking , through digital presentations, one one meetings and the shared energy of your fellow residents will deepen and help you take your studio practice to next level.

Michael David has been exhibiting internationally sine 1981. First, with the Historical Sidney Janis, and then with M.Knodler & Co for over two decades. A Guggenheim Fellow his work is included in the permanent public collections of the, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, the Jewish Museum of NY, the Brooklyn Museum , the Denver Museum and the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Houston among others, Over the last decade David established the Fine Arts Workshop in Atlanta working with artists on an immersive one to one basis, David established, directed and curated two of the most successful galleries in Brooklyn— Life On Mars (no longer in existence) and his current curatorial project M.David &Co, while developing a mentoring and residency programs in NY, Dallas , Seattle and Truro at Castle Hill.