Artist in Residency Pop-Up Exhibition & Reception in the Meadow & the Studios at Edgewood Farm
3 Edgewood Way, Truro
6pm - 9pm
A free event culminating with an end of summer bonfire!

Truro Center for the Arts at Edgewood Farm offered a 2 week Artist Residency / Master Class / Hybrid Workshop with artist, gallerist, curator & gifted teacher Michael David. This is the 2nd year this residency has been offered. It’s not just a residency, it’s an experience, it’s a retreat to focus on your art practice, have meaningful critiques, have conversations about each others work and to find ways to move your work forward to the next level. This residency provided time to focus on your work away from the distractions of day-to-day routines and to participate in the shared energy of like-minded artists plus be in beautiful Truro.

Six artist have been working 10-12 hours days on their work for almost 2 weeks.

Louise Noel has created beautifully enigmatic creatures made of steel, fabric and encaustic . Born out of fire, combining found steel, with very specifically chosen fabrics, her mastery of the encaustic medium, Noel looks at these materials until the combination "speaks" to her -and makes animate - the inanimate - they are spare , elegant and wonderfully subversive.

Judith Luongo has created a series of small and medium paintings on various surfaces , this week at Castle Hill. Her work swings between an open gestural use of paint and an obsessive line, figure and abstraction ,creating a complex biomorphic imagery making manifest the subconscious and the deeply personal simultaneously and always totally her own .

Anna Wagner-Ott- A tireless worker, with brilliant and endless curious mind. Using everything and the kitchen sink- weaving , plastic -encaustic , thread found materials and recently coming off the wall, she has taken her work to the next level , returning to her roots ( she has had devoted studio practice for four decades and early success creating puppets )and creating an expansive and complex state of the animate , at times fierce , fragile and always challenging our perceptions.

Christopher Staples Using found objects and material she has collected for many years, ephemera she finds sacred without knowing why and years later combing them with layers of transparent fabrics that hang free and flow in the wind, Staples this week has created body of work surprising , daring and very moving . The transparent use of fabric's, the imperfection of her geometry , the seeming fragility and fleeting nature of her work , creates a visual equivalent to memory, compassion and intimacy , creating a connection between artist and viewer - an connection that speaks to what makes us most human.

Kathryn Hart Half artist, half scientist, and half bad ass, wait that's one and half - Kathryn Hart is all that and more. She has created a deeply personal mixed media installation, using , fabric, wire, thread, mirror, lights , shadow, reflection ampules , and re-contextualized-found objects called Widow Bird. Her intelligence , her attention to detail, her love of labour in this work ( as in all her work) allows her to access her most private moments while trying to touch the sky . This one piece created in one week would be enough, but she has also created two other installations in the meadow not to be missed. See why I called her one and a half.

Lisa Zukowski Zukowski has created an 18' foot , yes 18' foot boat out of discarded wood and pig gut. Growing up in Brooklyn her father would build boats and repurpose others in their back yard. Then the family would then take the boats to Gerritsen Beach and Gravesend Bay and use them and eventually sell them. As an Italian American female growing up in late 50's and early 60's, the opportunity to help build these boats so dear to her father, was denied, even though her skill level and ability was greater to the opportunity extended to her brothers. A brilliant craftsperson in her own right, and deeply soulful and accomplished artist, Zukowski now owns this complex, complicated gender and family dynamic - in this beautiful rendered and fragile memory of family embraced and family denied.

Michael David has been exhibiting internationally sine 1981, first with the Historical Sidney Janis and then with M.Knodler &Co for over two decades. Exhibiting widely throughout the United States for 30 years, and has been the subject of much historical and curatorial acclaim. His work is included in the permanent public collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among several prominent private collections. In the last decade David established the Fine Arts Workshop in Atlanta working with artists on an immersive one to one basis helping artists to develop their voice and professional practices, helping artists find exhibition opportunities and helping them prepare to take their individual expressions. In the last five years David establish, Directed and Curated two of the most successful Galleries in Brooklyn, Life On Mars (no longer in existence) and his current curatorial project M. David & Company.

“The level of work coming out of this Artist Residency Program at Edgewood Farm this week has been extraordinary” says Michael David, “their devotion to their work is turning this program to a world class residency- thanks Cherie Mittenthal for all you have started and trusting me.“

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