Traveling to Provincetown:

Provincetown is located at curled fingers of the flexed arm of Massachusetts. There are many ways to get to P-town. If you're new to the Conference, these are your travel options: 

  • 20 minutes via Cape Air from Logan International Airport

  • 90 minutes via ferry from Boston Harbor

  • 2.5 hours driving from Logan Airport in Boston to the Provincetown Inn

  • 2.5 hours driving from T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I. (near Providence), with less traffic than from Boston

Fly from Boston to Provincetown: Cape Air

  • Plan on around $350 round trip. Check website for latest schedule and rates

  • Some conferees have found it cheaper to book their flight directly to Provincetown via Jet Blue, which partners with Cape Air. You'll still change planes at Logan, but through-booking should offer a better price.

  • If you wish to rent a car, Enterprise at the Provincetown Airport has cars available--but you must reserve as a limited number are typically available.

Ferry from Boston to Provincetown: Bay State Cruise Company & Boston Harbor Cruises

  • Check websites for latest schedule and fares

  • One caveat: A crossing can be a bit unpleasant if the bay is rough. Come prepared with anti-nausea medication if you are prone to seasickness.

  • If the company determines that the crossing will be too rough, you will board a bus and be taken directly to McMillan Wharf in Provincetown, where the ferry normally disembarks

  • Provincetown Inn is at the very end of Commercial Street, at the left side of the map above. Look for the lighthouse icon with the arrow that says "Wood End." Next to it is "First Pilgrim Park." That's where the Inn is located. You will be staying exactly where the Pilgrims first landed in the New World!

  • Ferry: McMillan Wharf, where the ferry arrives, is just above the "E" in PROVINCETOWN. There are always taxis and pedicabs at the wharf to meet arriving passengers. It's about a mile from the Inn

  • Cape Air: Look for the airplane icon at the top of the map, just under the second "T" in ATLANTIC OCEAN. The Inn is a two-minute taxi ride from the airport.


Thinking of renting a car in P-Town? Enterprise is the franchise, and you have to reserve. You'd pick up the car at the airport. But unless you are planning to drive around the Cape, it's actually cheaper and far more convenient to take a taxi when you need one and walk the rest of the time. Besides, with so much taking place at the Inn, your car will sit in the parking lot. A car will come in handy if you are taking workshops at Castle Hill, but we can work with you for Pre- and Post-Conference to hook up folks with cars to those who need a ride. 

*If you are looking to share a ride, visit the message board or try the Facebook page to link up with other travelers!