Is there an orientation for those of us who are new to the Conference? 
Yes, indeed. We've scheduled a 30-minute session on Friday morning, 10:45 to 11:15 during a special one-hour break between sessions. We'll meet right in the lobby.

What if I want to register for just one day of the conference?
Yes, you can register for one day although we don't recommend it since there is so much going on each day. If you have a limited schedule, you will need to call the office to register: 508-349-7511

What if I don't like the event I've selected. May I switch rooms?
Sorry, no. Moving around once a presentation is underway is rude to the presenter and annoying to the audience.

What's the procedure for the Hotel Fair?  
If you are staying at the Provincetown Inn, on Sunday we invite you to open up your room to show and sell your work. If you are NOT staying at the Inn, we invite you to show your work in the hotel lobby. Visit the blog page about the Hotel Fair for more info!

Help! I want to participate in the Hotel Fair but I need to vacate my room at noon.
Don't worry, you can participate. Just be sure to vacate your room right after the Fair. You can leave your baggage at the front desk.

Are post-conference workshops included in the conference price?
No, there is a separate fee. 

Do I need to bring materials for the conference demos or workshops? 
Conference demos are strictly demonstration, so you do not need to bring materials. The Pre- and Post-Conference workshops are different. Teachers typically provide either a list of supplies that you may bring with you or purchase from conference vendors, or they may provide materials for a fee. Castle Hill or the specific teachers will contact you if you're signed up. Also, it's important to note that our wonderful vendors donate a large amount of paint, medium and materials for you to try.

Could I register only for the Post-Conference sessions?
Sure. But you'll miss a great conference!

What if I decide at a later date that I wish to register for a Post-Conference workshop? Possible?
Sure. If there is space, you can register even during the conference if you wish. Please know, however, that the workshops tend to fill up quickly.  Occasionally a spot may open at a late date, but it's not recommended to plan on that as a registration strategy.

What are the hours of the post-conference workshops, and where do they take place?
The workshops run from 10:00am to 4:00pm with an hour for lunch as determined by the instructor. Informal events are planned for some of the evenings. All post-Conference events take place at Castle Hill in Truro, the next town over. We have two campuses in Truro - the specific location will be listed on your materials list. At the Conference we encourage those with cars to offer rides to those without. There will be a signup sheet. It's also possible for a group to take a taxi. The ride thing seems confusing but it always works out. Castle Hill will post a sign-up sheet to help link drivers with those who need a ride. (Be sure to chip in for gas.)

I see you have multiple-day workshops. Is there any chance I could take just one day of, say, the three-day workshop so that I may take different workshops on other days?
Nice try, but the point of multiple-day workshops is to have the opportunity to explore one area in depth with one teacher and the same group of equally committed participants.

Would you explain how Conference presenters get selected?
Earlier in the year, Cherie put out a Call for proposals and received many great options. She tried to bring in new and different topics to keep it fresh, but also to bring back some regular favorites!

What's the parking like?
The Provincetown Inn has a very large lot which is FREE for conferees to use, whether you're staying at the Inn or not. Parking in town is less accommodating. There's not a lot of free on-street parking, but there are pay-to-park lots--municipal lots on the hill above town and on McMillan Wharf in the center of town, and another, the rather costly Duarte's, on Bradford St.

Where can I find a map of Provincetown?
Click here for a fully printable map of Provincetown.

What about transportation to and from Provincetown?
Getting to and from the Conference is your responsibility. Information about buses, taxis, etc. will be posted on the blog.

How soon can I arrive?
The Inn is fully booked earlier in the week of the Conference. If you don't have a room and wish to come early, check out the Alternative Accommodations page. It's a great way to take advantage of what P-town has to offer in June: the beach, biking, kayaking, exploring the shops and galleries, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, whale watching, fishing, and satisfying your seafood cravings at fried clam shacks as well as upscale restaurants.

Where can I find information about the Provincetown galleries?
Encaustic-specific info will be posted to the blog when it has been finalized. Gallery Guides should be available at the Inn.

What's the weather like in Provincetown?
Normally, the temperature range in early June is is in the high 60s to low 70s during the day, and in the low 60s to high 50s at night. But that's an average. It can get hotter or colder. And the weather can turn on a dime. As the town meteorologist :-), Cherie guarantees it will be perfect!

So how should I dress?
Bring a light jacket or a sweater, a turtleneck, a t-shirt and a tank top; pants and shorts; sunglasses and an umbrella. In other words, dress for New England weather, which encompasses a meteorological range. You can safely leave the boots at home, however: The only thing you don't have to plan for this time of year is snow.

Is there a dress code?
Nope. Wear what you like, whether it's a sundress, jeans and a t-shirt, a suit, or cutoffs. Your choice. One thing I would suggest is that you have a sweater, shawl or other coverup for the Mayflower room, where the all-Conference events take place as well as many demos. It's a big room, and the cooling is uneven, so to get the warm areas cool, the cool areas may be cold.

Does the Conference provide food?
Coffee and tea are provided all day, every day of the three-day Conference. A fabulous buffet lunch is provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where you'll find a selection of meats, cheeses, vegetables, pastas and salads. Lots of Vegetarian options to choose from as well.  

For those staying at the Inn there's a breakfast room where you can get a nice selection of breakfast foods. You may get meal tickets when you check in.

Pre- and Post-Conference workshops do not provide lunch, however there's a good sandwich shop nearby and a Castle Hill staffer comes by to take orders. Lunch is about $10, but that's between you and what you select from the menu.

Can I purchase paint or paper or panels in the Vendor Room even if I haven't registered for the Conference?
Yes you can. We hope you come to the conference or take a workshop but the vendors would be happy.