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“If there were an encaustic heaven, it would be the vendor room."   
                             --Artist Shelley Gilchrist

Come and visit the Vendor Room! We're bringing back many of our wonderful vendors including: R&F Paints, Kama Pigments, Enkaustikos, Evans Encaustics and more! Look for discounts, special items, limited-edition colors, and stuff you didn't know you needed but will realize you can't live without. Stay tuned for more vendors to be announced!


Enkaustikos Wax Art Supplies  
Rochester, New York


Since 1996, Enkaustikos’ mission has been to produce the highest quality professional encaustic paint. To make the best paint we begin with the best ingredients. We only use Pharmaceutical grade beeswax, along with the highest quality damar resin; then after filtering we add artist-grade pigments that are lightfast, heat stable, and offer exceptional purity of color. We are proud to offer you a selection of 88 colors to choose from. 73 are single pigment paints that provide you with an opportunity to finely hone your color sensibility. Dan Sywalski, our paint maker for over 17 years, brings experience to the process. Dan uses modern milling technology to shear our pigment to its ultimate particle size. Each color has been formulated to achieve the maximum pigment concentration while maintaining good handling properties. Use either our original wax medium or XD to extend the pigment load to your satisfaction. Whether you want to make beautiful transparent glazes, apply thin veils of color or build thick opaque layers of color in your artwork, Enkaustikos paints has you covered.

Enkaustikos Paints

Enkaustikos professional paints are offered in several formats. At last years Encaustic Conference we brought a sampling of Wax Snaps to get your input, the feedback was tremendous and this year, we are excited to bring our full line of Wax Snaps. We also offer Hot Cakes (45ml) already in tins, our convenient Hot Sticks (13 ml) designed with direct application and printmaking in mind and our one ounce (29 ml) discs, sold in any size from 1 to 16 ounces, great for bulk purchasing and workshop settings.

We will bring all of our sundries and plenty of beeswax, damar resin and both our mediums available in bulk packaging for even greater savings.

Slotted and hog bristle brushes

Slotted and hog bristle brushes

In addition to our paints and sundries, we will have all of our Enkaustikos aluminum printing plates, Enkaustikos hog bristle brushes, and our custom made Hot Tools.  Our Hot Tools are handcrafted in solid brass. We offer unique brass bristle brushes that keep your encaustic paints liquefied until applied to the substrate, actually fusing while you paint. They come in a variety of different profiles so that you can create a wide range of applications from the smallest of details to painterly brushstrokes.

The Slotted Brush is designed to apply large, bold, textured strokes of wax color rapidly. The slotted design allows the hot air of the heat gun to flow through the brush, keeping paint fluid during application. The Enkaustikos Hog Bristle brushes are true work horses made from bristles originally chosen for masonry sign painters.

Encaustic Conference- Evans photo.jpg

Evans Encaustics 
Atlanta, Georgia

Evans Encaustics with paint maker Hylla Evans has been producing handmade encaustic paint for fine artists since 2002. Distinguished by the invention of Holy Grail Gesso and Evans Cold Wax Paint, Evans Encaustics has round the clock customer service to respond swiftly to the needs of each artist and to answer technical questions. Evans Encaustics ships worldwide.


HOLY GRAIL GESSO, available in white and 18 colors, contains no acrylic. Holy Grail must be pre-ordered for conference delivery.


Evans Encaustics Paint Sticks™ and Minis are ultra concentrated encaustic paint. They may be used directly on the HotBox™ where artists prefer heaviest pigmentation. Painters who use a larger quantity of paint will save money by buying Paint Sticks™ and breaking off pieces, then adding 3 times as much medium to the mix. 

Holy Grail Gesso

Holy Grail Gesso

Evans Cold Wax Paints

Evans Cold Wax Paints


Evans Cold Wax Medium is a colorless painting medium containing USP beeswax, USP carnauba, and odorless mineral spirits.  It is NOT encaustic and should NOT be heated.  A jar contains 16 ounces.Evans Cold Wax Paint is available in a set of five colors which may be mixed with each other to make the widest range of the color wheel. Additional colors are available, including Manganese Black and Shimmer.  Evans Cold Wax Paint contains only Cold Wax Medium and top artist pigments. There are no additives and there is NO oil.  Regular tube is 60ml.  Extra Large tube is 170ml.

CONFEREES: Limited Edition colors are specially made for the conference in small quantities and sell out fast -- see you Friday morning!



 Kama Pigments  
Montréal, Canada

Kama Pigments is based in Montréal,  founded in 1996 by Vincent Deshaies, who still runs the company along with a staff composed entirely of practicing artists.  The mission of Kama Pigments is to make archival, high quality materials available to artists at the best possible prices. To this end, Kama Pigments offers a wide array of raw materials for artists interested in making their own paints and mediums (pigmentsbindersresinswaxesaqua-dispersions, etc.), and also manufactures artist-quality, ready-to-use products (encaustic paintsartists’ oil paintspainting mediumsoil sticks).

Kama products are available Online, through our distributors and at our Montreal store

The new KAMA pigments store opened fall 2013 in downtown Montréal

KAMA pigments’ handmade oil sticks . . .
. . . and sets

Kama encaustic paints


Mail orders

In the last years, it has become increasingly difficult to bring our products from Canada to Provincetown due to US customs and US labor laws. As a result we’ve had very little choice but to switch to a mail order system for our presence at the conference. Hence starting in 2014, all orders placed at the conference will be mailed directly to our customers.

Shipping will be free of charge and a 15 % discount will be offered on all orders placed at the conference.

If you require your supplies for the conference: We will deliver all orders placed before the conference. Those orders will receive a 30% discount; deadline for this offer is May 30th.

To take advantage of this offer, these steps must be followed:

  • Place the order online on our website, choose the store pickup as a shipping option.

  • Email referencing you order number and say that this order is to be treated as a pre-encaustic conference order. We will apply the discount, email you an updated confirmation and prepare your order which will be delivered at the conference.

Should you have any question about this offer or about our new mail order system we will happy to help, please contact Vincent directly by email at

Providence, Rhode Island

Paper Connection International, LLC is your premier resource for fine art and specialty papers made by skilled craftspeople in East to suit the paper needs of the West. PCI is known for superior paper products dependable customer service, and for our staff with close to 25 years of technical experience in the world of paper. Our warehouse and showroom are open by appointment and located in Providence, RI just off exit 24 from I-95. Please call us at 401.454.1436 or email us at

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Paper Connection has a wide selection of Japanese handmade washi among other exquisite handmade papers from all around the world. We will have so many options on hand for all of your encaustic needs!

Many of our papers come in rolls for large, ambitious projects

Many of our papers come in rolls for large, ambitious projects

Yuzen patterns, katazome and other decorative papers can be used for encaustic mixed media, collage and book arts.

Yuzen patterns, katazome and other decorative papers can be used for encaustic mixed media, collage and book arts.

R&F Handmade Paints   
Kingston, New York


R&F Handmade Paints began manufacturing professional artists paints and providing artist-focused technical support in 1988. Today, R&F distinguishes itself by continuing to craft the highest quality paint in small, carefully controlled batches where the eye and skill of the paintmaker are key. R&F has run workshops in their factory building and around the country for over 20 years.

Specials: There will be deep discounts, new kits, limited-edition colors and a special raffle. Ask about them when you get to the Vendor Room.

 R and F Paint workshop & manucacturing
R&F founder, Richard Frumess, with R&F president, Darin Seim

R&F founder, Richard Frumess, with R&F president, Darin Seim




Melted encaustic wax releases unpleasant fumes containing acrolien as-well-as other various aldehydes. The concentration of these emissions increases at higher working temperatures commonly found in encaustic art or paint applications. If not properly vented, these emissions can become an encaustic safety issue leading to headache, nausea, and possible future respiratory concerns. Encaustic supplies such as the Vent-A-Fume encaustic fume extractor removes undesirable fumes directly at the source.

 The Vent-A-Fume Model ENC2015 Fume Extractor is a complete ventilation system designed for encaustic palette venting. It is easy to assemble for installation on workbenches and tabletops. Its ergonomic, lightweight design makes the portable unit easy to transport and reposition as needed. (Note: if you prefer an overhead, canopy-hood style fume extractor, click to see our table-mounted model.)