Showing July 18 - 28, 2017

Opening Reception
Thursday, July 20
4pm - 6pm

This show will combine work from Judy Motzkin and Christopher Volpe.

Judith Motzkin has worked in ceramics for over 40 years.  She is known for her unique contemporary saggar-fire method.  Her site specific installations with clay have been included annually in Appearances in Provincetown and in museum and gallery exhibitions.  Her "flame-painted" vessels are in the collections of the Fuller Craft, MFA Boston, Crocker Art and Jingdezhen Ceramics Museums and featured on the covers of 500 Bowls, Best of Pottery and Ceramics Monthly.  She was founding director of CAOS open studios.  Motzkin has her degree in Asian Studies from Cornell.

Christopher Volpe is an artist, teacher and writer whose work tends toward a sense of the poetic.  Although academically trained as a poet, he discovered painting while teaching art history.  He is a regular contributor to the magazine Art New England and he has taught at the New Hampshire institute of Art, Chester College of New England, and Franklin Pierce University.