Spring into Encaustic with Cherie Mittenthal
Making a Lasagna Organic Garden with John Hopkins and Debbie McCulloch
Writing From Your Kitchen Table with Elspeth Hay
Basic Beekeeping and Your Creative Self with Kalliope Egloff
Wednesday Clay III, 2016
Wednesday Clay II, 2016
Wednesday Clay I, 2016
Knife Skills with Chef Adrian Cyr
Baked Stuffed Lobster with Lorraine Piver
Aquaculture with Oysters with Jason Lance Weisman
Roll Your Own Sushi with Mac Hay
Intro to Photoshop with Tamara Endich
Intro to Web Design with Tamara Endich
Italian Cucina with Michael Ceraldi

WEEK 01: JUNE 13 - 1
Thinking, Working, Space with Judy Pfaff

WEEK 02: JUNE 20 - 24
Art as an Exploration of Self with Traci Harmon-Hay
Play in Practice with Brenda Withers
Raku, Enjoyment and Freedom with Ron Dean
Color Rules/Color in Nature with Nancy McCarthy
Hands and Forms in Nature with Mark Adams
June Wood Firing with Brian Taylor
Working with Cold Wax Medium with Carol Pelletier

WEEK 03: JUNE 27 - JULY 1
Small Format Landscape Paintings from Nature with Kathleen Jacobs
Conversations with the Self, the Work and other Subjective Environments with Bernd Haussmann
From Flat to Form: Handbuilt Vessels with Jeremy Randall
Mixed Media, Textile & Fiber Art with Nathalie Ferrier
Painting the Streets with Lisbeth Firmin
Sources for Poems with Peter Campion
Impermanent Art with Zehra Khan


WEEK 04: JULY 5 - 8
Sculpture Workshop with Andy Moerlein
Writing Fiction with Ann Hood
Painting the Truro Landscape (July) with Larry Horowitz
Treasure Hunt with Edin Cook
Playwriting Workshop with Wendy Kesselman
Painting Towards Abstraction with Megan Hinton
Explorations on Yupo with Ginny Zanger
Wheel Throwing Basics with Brian Taylor

WEEK 05: JULY 11 - 15
The News from Poems with Jabari Asim
Sun-Printing on Paper and Fabric with Laura Blacklow
Portraiture in Clay with Tina Tarantal
Artist's Book with Sharon Butler
Beginning and Intermediate Oil Painting with Peter Chepus
Process: Meaning and Making with Deborah Dancy
Landscape Painting with Rob DuToit
Flower Patterns in Paint with Gerald Simcoe
Mixed Media Concrete with Tom O'Connell
Animals: Working in Series with Hannah Niswonger
July Kids Clay: Beads and Jewelry Making with Caitlin Nesbit
July Try It! Wheel Throwing with Brian Taylor

WEEK 06: JULY 18 - 22
Intermediate Watercolor with Suzanne Siegel
Beyond Plein Air: Intermediate Level with Christopher Volpe
Experimental Drawing in the Landscape with Sharon Horvath
Kids Printmaking with Vicky Tomayko
Photographic Revelation and Exploration: Beyond the Point and Shoot with Jennifer Moller
The Brush and the Wheel with Michael Kline
The Craft of Fiction: Maps and Territories with Indira Ganesan
Wood Working with Anna Poor
Painted Metal Relief with David Boyajian
Designing and Creating Jewelry I with Mary Beth Rozkewicz
Encaustic Painting, Indirect Metaphors of Life with Dale Roberts
Experimental Woodblock Workshop with David Bligh


WEEK 07: JULY 25 - 29
Painting the Figure with Brett X. Gamache
You Too Can Plot with Kimberly McLarin
Pinhole for All Ages with Martin R. Anderson
Landscape Painting with Don Beal
More than a Portrait with Daphne Confar
Painting and Drawing for Kids with Lisa Fox
Casting Multiples: Making and Using Rubber Molds with Jimmy Rhea
Introduction to Silkscreen Printing with Vicky Tomayko
Handmade Books: Making Journals, Portfolios, and Other Structures with Rhoda Rosenberg
Flames, Smoke, and Color: Naked Raku and Alternative Firing with Charlie and Linda Riggs
Designing and Creating Jewelry II with Mary Beth Rozkewicz
Screenwriting Workshop with John Ives
iphone Photography Workshop with Judy Rolfe


WEEK 08: AUGUST 1 - 4
Gelatin Plate Printmaking with Dorothy Cochran
Experimental Watercolor Techniques with Nan Rumpf
Stone Carving with Anna Poor
The Personal Essay with Anne Bernays
August Kids Clay: Beads and Jewelry Making with Caitlin Nesbit
Creative Landscape Photography with John Tunney
Collage/Assemblage/Photomontage with Anne Gilman
From the Ground Up: Beginning Wheel Throwing with Tyler Gulden
Painting the Interior with Amy Brnger
Getting Your Writing Out There with David Unger


WEEK 09: AUGUST 8 - 12
Photographing Strangers with Mary Beth Meehan
August Try It! Wheel Throwing with Brian Taylor
Kids Felting with Janice Redman
Bronze Casting with David Boyajian
Outside the Box with Peter Madden
Still Life Painting with Antonia Ramis Miguel
Inspired Tabletop: Food, Form, and Function with Robbie Heidinger
Poetry Toolbox with Lorna Blake
Figure Painting with Antonia Ramis Miguel
A Color Workshop with Peter Chepus


WEEK 10: AUGUST 15 - 19

The Painterly Still Life - An Exploration with Georganna Lenssen
Working with Found Objects with Paul Bowen
Modeling the Figure with Tina Tarantal
The Page Waits: A Workshop for Writers in the Making with Judy Huge
Painted Paper Collage: Energize Your Work with New Ideas - with Suzanne Siegel
Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz


WEEK 11: AUGUST 22 - 26

Deeper Waters: A Retreat for More Seasoned Writers with Judy Huge
Meaningful Monotype & Collage with Joyce Silverstone
Painting the Truro Landscape (August) with Larry Horowitz
Paint Explorations with Natural Dyes and Pigments with Patricia Miranda
The Color of Fire: Saggar Fire Workshop with Judy Motzkin
Giant Puppet Workshop & Performance with Bread & Puppet Theater



Photographing Whales with Jesse Mechling
Mixed Media with Cyanotype with Liz Surbeck Biddle
Fresco with Michael Biddle
Lives into Word with Robert Marshall
Developing Personal Imagery with Janet Echelman
Film and the Art of Moving Pictures with Lise Balk King
 Planes, Forms and Decoration with Sarah Heimann


WEEK 13: september 5 - 9

Hand Building and Raku Firing with Jim Brunelle
Art as a Tool with Bernd Haussmann
Your Studio in The World with  Mike Carroll

FALL 2016

Handbuilding Paper Clay: Developing Personal Form with Rebecca Hutchinson
Small Format Landscape Painting from Nature II with Kathleen Jacobs
Abstraction for Realists: Working from the Model, Drawing, Painting, Collage, and Sculpture with Ken Kewley
The Perceptual Moment with Stuart Shils
Throwing by the Gallon: American Crockery Forms with Guy Wolff
The Painted Object: Full Tilt with Emily Eveleth
Columbus Day Wood Firing with Brian Taylor
The Anatomy of Your Painting with Joan Snyder
Opening the Poem with Mark Doty
A Painless Intro to Mushrooms and a Walk in the Wild with Lawrence Millman