Instructors: Sam Taylor & Amy Rhyneer
August 28 - September 1
9am - 1pm
5 sessions

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Sam Taylor is coming back to Castle Hill to teach a "rule maker rule-breaker" 100% inclusive pottery making workshop with his sister Amy and her sketchbook. They will explore pottery making and sketching together. In this class you will sketch what you make, and make what you sketch. Bring your own sketchbook, pencils, and erasers. This class is for all skill levels and will include both handbuilding and wheel work. Make, see, know, believe.

Sam Taylor and Amy Rhyneer are brother and sister they grew up in New England. They have been making stuff their whole lives. Sam Taylor has a pottery in Western Mass. Amy's studio is outside of Anchorage Alaska. They both got their first sketch books in the 1970's. They have collaborated on many "art projects" together on both sides of the country.