Instructor: Judy Motzkin
July 17 - 21
9am - 3pm
5 sessions

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Using clay in varied states from wet to fired, mixed with selected found and natural objects and the elements, we will interact with the landscape in collaborative and independent site specific work. How can we activate a space? How can we respond to a space with simple materials? How to begin to sketch in space? What to control? What to let go?How to interact/play with the work? How can fire and clay be used and incorporated to create meaning? Participants at all levels may bring clay forms, meaningful objects, and raw materials. In this course we will make parts in the clay studio and use the diverse landscape at Edgewood Farm for our installation and pit firing bonfire.

Judy Motzkin has worked in ceramics for over 40 years. She is known for her unique contemporary saggar fire method. Her site specific installations with clay have been included annually in Appearances in Provincetown and in museum and gallery exhibitions. Her “flame-painted” vessels are in the collections of the Fuller Craft, MFA Boston, Crocker Art and Jingdezhen Ceramics Museums and is featured on the covers of 500 Bowls, Best of Pottery and Ceramics Monthly. She was founding director of CAOS open studios. Motzkin has her degree in Asian Studies from Cornell.