Instructor: Lorraine Piver
Thursday, May 18
6pm - 9pm

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Plus market rate for shellfish (estimated $25)

Learn how to prepare a live lobster and create a beautiful, scrumptious dinner entree. You will see and learn about the process from start to finish, and then sit down to a meal together. (Please note: not for the squeamish! Scallops will also be served in addition to lobster)

Lorraine Piver has been watching her Portuguese and Italian parents cook for her entire life. This Lobster dish was one of their specialties and she brings her passion for cooking fine food to this workshop. You may know Lorraine from previous culinary classes at Castle Hill as the assistant to the chefs. She can be found hard at work at the wood fired Pizza Oven during our special events.

Bring your own wine! (Pinot Grigio recommended)