Instructor: Helen Grimm
May 20 & 21
9:30am - 1pm
2 sessions

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Plants can be our allies and our ambassadors to the natural world. Expand your personal relationship to plants and explore their uses as both food and medicine. Together we will learn to forage wild foods and remedies, share gardening secrets, and consider practical strategies for healthy living. We will discuss different types of herbal preparations and learn how to create powerful and affordable herbal remedies. Take this time to have fun and understand more deeply how plants can teach and heal us.

Helen Grimm studied plant medicine at the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in Oakland, CA in 1991, and at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Albuquerque, NM.  In 1999 she received her BS in nursing from UMass Amherst, where she graduated summa cum laude with an honors focus of helping healthcare providers understand the basics of herbal medicine. She is currently the school nurse at the Truro Central School, and coordinates Truro's Farm to School and the Truro Gleaning programs. She also works with Sustainable CAPE implementing a Fruit & Veggie Prescription Program. A Cape Cod native, Helen lives with her family in Truro, where she is also a gardener and artist. She may often be found digging in the dirt, foraging in wild places of the outer cape, and searching for weeds.