Instructor: Jason Bean
May 9 & 10 (Tues & Weds)
1pm - 4pm
2 sessions

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Learn the basics of growing lavender. Lavender Farmer, Jason Bean, will go over soil, fertilizing, water, propagating, planting, harvesting and pruning lavender plants. He will also share some uses for lavender after harvest such as; salve, lip balm, face mask, and some edible treats, you will also learn how to make hydrosol which is a toner and cleaner. Lavender is one of the top medicinal plants used around the globe, introduce it or upgrade it to everyday use in your life with this class.

Jason Bean managed one of the largest lavender farms in the US for several years, expanding his knowledge of lavender and all uses for the plant. Medicinal, ornamental (inside and out), and culinary. Jason has a B.S in soil science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. A masters in Mycology studying and researching the mycorrhizal network of warming soils. He currently is Edgewood farm property manager and studio manager.