Join local poet Hilde Oleson as she reads from her new book, "Why?", on Thursday, November 10th at Castle Hill. Filmmaker David A. Cox will participate in a discussion and show his films in collaboration with Hilde.

About Hilde Oleson:
Genetically programmed for sadness, ten years ago I thought I came to the cape to quietly end a long life. Now at 93 I am in the midst of a vibrant and exciting second life. Castle Hill played a part, as it was here I began to write poetry under Keith Althaus' tutelage in the Senior classes. Coming from a rather humdrum grandmothery life, I have strangely been gifted with poems coming to me full blown from God-knows-where. My newest book, "Why" asks the question that still haunts me although I am happy to accept this gift. Meeting David has brought a new aspect to my poems and  entered a new dimension to my life and to the poetry.

David A. Cox is the founder and CEO of Tech Talk America and has become the #1 Apple tutorialist on YouTube with over 40 million video views. He is also an avid filmmaker and his aerial films of Provincetown have been viewed by millions of people from all over the globe. David works from his home production studio in Provincetown.