Saving the Barn
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We in Truro all know this building.  You've passed it a thousand times on your way to Ballston Beach.  The nasty nor'easters this winter have laid claim to the house.  It couldn't be saved.  But the little barn was!

The home has stood overlooking Ballston Beach since about 1890 when it was constructed by Captain John Rich of the Pamet Life Saving Station, one of the first in the country, according to the Massachusetts Historical Commission. And there it stood for decades. We all know that the elephant in the window watched over us as we walked back and forth from the beach.

The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill has volunteered to become  its  new home.  The building has been moved to Edgewood Farm which is already the site of several historic buildings.  The little barn will serve as an artist studio which is very fitting since it was once the subject of an Edward Hopper painting itself!

The barn will need a foundation to stand on, new windows, a roof repair, electricity, cosmetic fixes and then be cleaned and repaired inside to get it ready for its new life as an art studio.  Any donation that you could make would be extremely appreciated!