Monday & Tuesday, June 6 & 7
2 Sessions
$440 + $55 material fee

In this two day intensive workshop participants will be guided through the process of creating permeant reusable molds of a hand foot or face. We will be using a silicone formulation that is specifically made for life casting and will reproduce the minutest details of the skin to an amazing level. During the first day we will concentrate on preparing our molds and work in teams of two - three to provide assistance and support in the process. By the end of the day we will begin to make initial castings to work with the next day. On day two we will look at practical finishing techniques for your work including hanging, hardware, and additive materials that make your castings lightweight and strong.

As an instructor at R&F Kelly McGrath has been teaching and participating in encaustic based workshops for the past four years. She has been developing and executing a sculpturally based curriculum for R&F’s workshop program, which is showing a growing popularity. As part of the development of this subject matter she has been doing numerous experiments and samples for combining different ratios of waxes and using wax with other media. Having run a sculpturally based workshop Post Conference for both conference 6 & 7 she has a much clearer understanding of what is successful for this subject matter and what is not. It seems clear that a more streamlined approach to focus on the mold making and allow for more work time is what will make this class a continued success.