Monday & Tuesday, June 6 & 7
2 sessions


This mixed media workshop will focus on using traditional Indonesian batik tools with encaustics and mixed media resulting in different types of techniques. Both traditions use wax as an essential element – but in very different ways.  Brushing, drawing and stamping with wax are all part of traditional batik processes – but the wax is never part of the finished work. The opposite is true when painting with wax using encaustics. The intersection of these two wax traditions offers dynamic artistic opportunities for the studio. This workshop will show will show you how to use these tools (the tjanting for drawing; and the tjap for stamping) with encaustic painting – incorporating collage, dimensional effects, layering tool effects and mixed media.

Cat Crotchett is a professor in the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Her studio work focuses on encaustic painting characterized by layers of information; interweaving patterns painted in vibrant colors and textured surfaces. She has an extensive exhibition record including international and national solo exhibitions and invitational and juried shows. Cat is currently producing a body of work that combines the use of Indonesian batik tools and motifs, and encaustic painting.