Tuesday, June 7
1 session

Have you ever wanted to engage in an honest discussion with a gallery owner or curator about how to present your work, without feeling the pressure to impress? Here’s your chance. In this post-conference workshop, gallery owner and artist Dan Addington will address the full journey of your work, from it’s inception in the studio to it’s presentation in the gallery setting. Questions and discussion will be encouraged. This is your opportunity to ask anything you’ve wondered about, and in the process, develop ideas and strategies that will enable focus and productivity in the studio, and further your career as an exhibiting artist. 

The workshop will be presented in two sessions. In the morning session, we will get to know each other by looking at one actual recent work of art that each artist has created. We will briefly share our methods in the studio, and engage in a low-pressure, encouraging discussion, addressing and identifying both strengths and areas of improvement in the studio. 

In the afternoon session, we will discuss getting your work out into the world, with an emphases on the commercial gallery. We will talk about different types of galleries, and ways to approach them with your work. We will evaluate promotional materials. We will discuss the process of identifying appropriate galleries. We will address common challenges and pitfalls in the artist-dealer relationship. This workshop will be an intensive clinic that covers both your studio and promotional goals. You will leave this workshop excited about your next steps and better equipped to move forward in your career.


Dan Addington is an artist and gallery owner who has been working with wax since 1989 and exhibiting encaustic work professionally since 1992. His work has been featured in group and solo shows across the US, and is in numerous public and private collections. Dan is the director and owner of Addington Gallery in Chicago, a fixture in the Chicago River North gallery district since 1998. In addition to the exhibitions at his gallery, Addington has curated and juried exhibitions in galleries, museums and art centers across the country