·        We had our first Masterclass/Artist Residency with Michael David and guest artist Brenda Goodman.  For the first time ever, we had a 2 week artist residency and masterclass hybrid with NY Artist Michael David. We provided the space and time to focus on work away from the distractions of day-to-day routines and to participate in the shared energy with 8 like-minded artists. Everyone lived at Edgewood and used the studios 24 / 7. They had regular critiques and had some shared meals together. The second week, guest artist Brenda Goodman came up and did one/one critiques. The goal was to take the work to a new level and to prepare for exhibition possibilities. It was sold out and we plan on doing it again next summer! Stay Posted.

·        A new collaboration with the Truro Conservation Trust! (You are first to hear about this here!)  Castle Hill will be renting the Bunker Cottage for $1.00/year for the next 33 years from the Truro Conservation Trust, who will be purchasing it in September 2019! As everyone knows, Castle Hill is a very good steward of historic buildings. This family home has been in the family for 175 years and was part of the Truro railroad. Jane Bunker and Mason Morfit have orchestrated this exciting new collaborative. Castle Hill will manage the cottage (and repairs) and the Trust keeps the land in conservation which means that this important piece of land can never be developed with a mega mansion! This cottage will be used to house students, faculty and short term Artist Residents.

·        Castle Hill just finished its second year of Artist Residents at Edgewood Farm! We had 10 residents this fall, 1 for 3 months, 1 for 2 months, 1 for a month and 7 others doing 2 weeks at a time. We have had a great response, lots of great work has been created and or written. We also offered 10 open studios and readings for the community. 

·        We Saved the Horse Stable from the top of Ballston Beach…..from being demolished!! And it found a new home at Edgewood Farm.

·        We started a Saturday Kid Program, which was extremely successful and we are gearing up to launch another one this year (starting in January).

·        We started a free Spring Senior Program last March / April, which was a huge success!  More to come!

·        We became part of a new collaborative in Truro called TRURO CONNECTIONS, where 6 nonprofits came together to focus on the theme of Sustainability. Castle Hill, The Friends of the Meetinghouse, The Truro Historical Society & Museum, and Payomet Performing Arts Center. We had a kickoff event that bought an interesting array of topics from Affording to Live in Truro, Water issues, the Pamet River, The Arts, Seniors in Truro and Their Needs.

·        Joyce Johnson’s Property is moving along. If you haven’t heard, Joyce left us her house in Truro. We closed up holes, we replaced windows, and got the wild animals to stay outside. Still lots to do, but the well and the septic should be going in soon. This will be housing for interns or a longer term Artist Residents.

·        Exciting things are happening at Edgewood Farm and at Castle Hill. Last year Castle Hill hired Keith LeBlanc who did a masterplan of both campuses. We thank him for his pro bono services and his professionalism. We have begun implementing his plan.

·        Castle Hill had its first Food Symposium! Bringing together Ruth Reichl, John (Doc) Willoughby, and Bill Sertl, among locals Elspeth Hay, Michael Ceraldi and others.  Look for another event this spring!

·        The International Encaustic Conference is already filling up for 2019.  Artists from all over the country and the world come to the Cape to celebrate all things Encaustic.

·        A big thank you to the Mass Cultural Council and the Truro Community Preservation Committee for believing in the growth of Castle Hill. The support from the state’s cultural organization and the Town of Truro has really helped to continue to grow our dream! We still have lots to do, but a big thank you goes out to them!