Conference 13:  Going Postal 
Stephanie Roberts-Camello will accept and install your postcard donations. Info below. 


The Postcard Show, Going Postal, takes place in the Trawler Room, right off the lobby at the Provincetown Inn. We put the postcards up on Thursday so that when you arrive for the Conference on Friday morning, you'll be able to use your break times to pop in to see the show.

The Postcard Show is one of those glorious win/wins. Conferees--as well as friends of the Conference--donate postcards for show and sale. It's an exhibition for the artists donating, and every penny of the sale goes toward scholarships for the following year.

Each year will see a different group of artists receive the Conference Scholarship Grant, which offers a paid-for entry to the Conference. Additionally, the Scholarship Grant is a legitimate entry for your resume.

Our longtime Conference friend, artist Stephanie Roberts Camello will accept your postcards.

When to send: Please have cards sent by May 15

Where to send: 
Stephanie Roberts-Camello
24 Standford Hill Road
Pembroke, MA 02359

How to pack: The postcards will not be sent individually but in a padded envelope or other safe container. Please try to cut down on excessive packaging. Not only will the environment thank you, Stephanie--who will have to unwrap everything--will thank you as well. The flat lightweight-cardboard or padded mailers available at the Post Office or FedEx should be sufficient to protect your work. You might wish to interleave your postcards with glassine, and then sandwich the stack between two lightweight layers of cardboard--the type that comes in  a digital-print paper box--before inserting the whole thing into the mailer. For good measure, I'd write "Do not bend."

Can you hand deliver? Unfortunately, no. Much as we'd love to have you do that, the postcards need to be received by May 25 so that Stephanie can prepare them for hanging before she arrives in Provincetown. An exception can be made for those of you coming from outside North America (email Stephanie if that's the case.)

USPO padded mailer and FedEx thin cardboard mailer, both about 9.5 x 12.5 inches work great. You can also use a less sturdy manila envelope if you sandwich the postcards with a thin sheet of cardboard top and bottom.

Postcard Guidelines

Basic parameters

. Size: postcard dimensions of 4x6 inches. Horizontal or vertical orientation is fine. Please keep your cards as close to the 4x6 size as possible so  they can fit into the plastic sleeves which will be provided

. Paper: People have used 300-lb watercolor paper to paint on, lightweight Japanese paper to print with, and everything in between. Other: Some artists have used  4x6" prepared panels, and others have used small stretched canvases or thin boards
. Dimension: Most of the postcards are two-dimensional, but who are we to cramp your style? Relief and three-dimensional works are entirely welcome

. Installing: We provide the archival poly bags. A small group of enthusiastic volunteers pins each poly bag to the cork walls around the room.  

. Materials: Most artists have incorporated wax entirely or in part, but we're open to your particular material expression

. Limit: There is no limit to the number of cards you donate or buy

. Purchase: The postcards are $30 each

. Getting into the room to buy: We'll have specifics listed on the schedule. The room will be open just for viewing prior to sale.