Joan Snyder and Rebecca Hutchinson
September 12 - 23

Opening Reception: September 15 from 4 - 6pm

This exhibition juxtaposes the iconic and bold artwork of renowned painter Joan Snyder with the ephemeral, expansive ceramic sculptures of Rebecca Hutchinson. Experience two different and symbiotic approaches to contemporary image-making in the Castle Hill Gallery with these artist's powerful expressions of physical embodiment and grace.

"The functions of Ms. Snyder's art, first and foremost, are to further the tradition of painting and to explore the most serious aspects of the human condition; to connect us not only to one another and to nature but to ancient rites and myths. She reminds us that no matter how modern and civilized we are, art can still be raw, primitive and talismanic. Without apologies or decorum, Ms. Snyder's work awakens all of the things still wild within us." – Lance Esplund, WSJ

"With each singular installation, Rebecca Hutchinson transforms space, captures our imagination and asks us to contemplate not just her arresting forms, but the natural phenomena to which they allude: the outrageous fecundity of flowers, the nurturance of nests, the strength and delicacy of spiders’ webs, and even the temporality of existence, especially our own. With these extraordinary works of the imagination, she challenges us to share her concern about, and care for, the lovely, evanescent and enduring natural world." - Rick Newby, ACM