Rachel Brask is a painter from Rhode Island who has been hard at work with a goal of creating twelve paintings to take back home for her upcoming exhibitions throughout the state of Rhode Island in April.  Her style of painting is abstract expressionist with impressionist tendencies. She uses a “drip effect” with stand oil to make it appear as if the viewer is looking at the scene through a window on a rainy day.  This is Rachel’s first residency experience. She says that, for her, having the opportunity to get out and explore the local landscapes as well as spend countless hours in the studio and gain new ideas and directions from the other residents has been invaluable. 


Ginnie Hsu has come to us from Mississippi where she works as an artist, illustrator, designer and educator, teaching at the Mississippi State University.  Her everyday life, nature, perspective of the world and the things around her inspire her artwork. She works in gouache, acrylic, watercolor and digital painting and enjoys mixing new and traditional media. 



Maria Negulescu  has worked in many printmaking studios around the world including Italy, Holland, Spain and Berlin. Having just completed a book of 13 animal screen prints, she has been using her time to experiment with a few new ideas and has used the local landscape to inspire a few of her newer smaller pieces.


Kara Pelosi is a figurative painter who finds the human form to be both fascinating and inspiring.  This residency is Kara’s first. She arrived at Edgewood Farm eager, excited and ready. This opportunity has given her two weeks to share a studio space, time, knowledge and adventures around the Outer Cape with two established artists.  Throughout this time she has not only pushed herself through her artwork but is also pushing herself to apply for exhibitions.


Nan Ring’s work addresses questions about the history of food, home, feminism, gender policies and what is commonly know as “woman’s work”.  She uses objects and materials found in the landscape to create garments, which lead to paintings. Her garments are usually modeled by family and friends. While she was at Edgewood Farm her fellow residents were her models who helped by writing about their experience wearing the garment. She uses these experiences to create paintings including images of the model in the garment and of the garment itself. While here on the Cape she has found inspiration from her many trips out to the marshes and beaches.  Nan has described her time at Edgewood Farm as “quiet beauty, extraordinary Cape Cod light and literally no interruptions, 24-7 paint, paint and more paint”.


For more than ten years, Tom Hollenback has been examining the intersections of painting, sculpture and printmaking through mixed media works.  These hybrid constructions can live in any of the related disciplines and tend to slide easily among them. This fluidity (and extrapolated instability) interests Tom immensely and underlies much of what he does. 


Ronni Komarow works with a variety of media including installation, prints, mixed-media assemblage, and artist's books.  She strives to engage the viewer and reflect and understand personal narrative as well as larger issues through her artwork.


When artist Kim McAninch visited Cape Cod 3 years ago she fell in love and knew she wanted to return.  While working at her studio in Radiant Hall in Pittsburg, Kim works on large-scale canvases in oil. She decided to take a different direction on her work while here and focus on her technical skills and the composition of her paintings.  Kim came in with a goal of completing twenty small-scale acrylic on paper paintings and is on track to achieve her goal before the end of her residency.  The Cape Cod scenery has inspired her newest works which may be featured in an exhibition this coming July. 


Sigrid Trumpy arrived for this residence opportunity with a box of notebooks filled with notes she had taken during her time here the previous summer, and was ready to settle in for her two-month residence. This is the first time since her retirement from the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts that she has had the opportunity to focus on her artwork without everyday distractions, and experiment, explore and investigate the techniques she has learned.


Gabriela Sanchez is our first international resident joining us from Mexico.  This is her first time visiting Cape Cod and is drawn to the beautiful and unique landscape that is Cape Cod.  Gabriela is an artist who works in encaustic, and has just finished a solo exhibition. She is using her time her to rethink her work and her process, her goal for her two week residency is to complete ten new paintings.  For her this is a time to get away from everyday life and all that comes with being a mom and raising a family and focus on her work.

Priscilla Whitlock has come to us from Virginia; she uses the coastal landscape to create her large-scale paintings.  For her the subject matter becomes less about the landscape as a scenery and becomes more about the physicality and energy of the paint, produced by marks, dashes, thick oil and thin washes that come together in shapes and color which appear abstract to the viewer but becomes a field, marsh or vista when viewed at a distance.  During her time here she is working on a tandem series of monotypes of oil paintings. Priscilla has also completed residencies at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Acadia National Park, Maine, Les Amis du Grande Vigne, Dinan, Brittany, France, Virginia Center for Creative Arts and was invited to the First Plein Air competition in Curacao.  She is using her two-week residence to complete work for a new gallery.