Charles Alexander is a worker in words, exploring language as the connective tissue that unites people, no matter who, where, or in what  language they find identity. Inspired initially by a combination of exploratory tendencies in American, European, and Asian poetry that include Black Mountain poetics, modernism, he has sought to create poems and essays whose values, politics, and positions are found in the flux of living, and which always understand uncertainty as a given, while also striving for connection and resonance.



Jill Madden grew up in Rhode Island and has shown her work throughout the state as well as in Vermont where she now resides.  Jill is fascinated by the architecture of nature and the rugged, remote, coastal and mountain landscapes that inspire her. 



Laurie Rosenwald works in painting, collage and writing.  All of her works have the same goal, to be down to earth and use humor to communicate.  She is currently working on a series of encaustic paintings on wood called "paintings for graphic designers" where typography and design are the basis of all compositions.


Seth King  is a painter who  spent two weeks at Edgewood Farm.  Prior to coming to Edgewood he was working on a series called "Vacationland" which was about helplessness and isolation.  He has been using this body of work to come to terms with feelings of loss, the death of family members, the end of his youth, his country and the natural environment.  His work is often of figures, which are naked and perceived as vulnerable, the starkness of light and shadow in his paintings are crucial to establishing a mood of uncertainty.  While painting he plays with the illusion of reality and the flatness of the canvas in a way that makes the viewer feel discordance and a sense of foreboding.  


Helen Lee is a painter from Boston who spent two week at Edgewood Farm.  Her paintings are based on her life's journey, the places she has been, the experiences she has had and the people she has met.  She is inspired by the colors and shapes that surround her and the things she sees and feels, for her they are a way to remember.  Lee states, "I work on multiple layers of colors to create delicate and luminous colors.  I experiment with different materials and tools to create textures and marks, and enjoy seeing effects they create.  Lines, shapes and compositions are created as the combination and compliment of many colors are laid on the surface.  I'm loving my time at Edgewood!  It feels very comfortable!"