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Castle Hill expands to Edgewood Farm

In the summer of 2013, the family of Castle Hill co-founder, Eleanor Meldahl, presented us with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to acquire her family property - the historic 8+ acre “Edgewood Farm”.  Acquire Edgewood? The answer was resoundingly “Yes!"  Here’s why.  

Edgewood Farm is one of the last large tracts of private land In Truro. Containing both historic and new structures, it is ideally suited to the program aims and needs of Castle Hill, is entirely in keeping with the values of this community to both grow and preserve the historic and natural beauty of Truro, and allows Castle Hill to introduce new program elements that build upon and open up our remarkable offerings to the community. It also allows Castle Hill to fulfill a long-time dream of offering an Artists in Residency Program.

The original farmhouse  (Main House) was built around 1849 and was expanded in 1931. By the time the Meldahls bought the farm in 1964,  Edgewood included a large renovated barn, guest house, cottage, work/wood shop, orchard, open space and gardens.  The “farm” had begun to revert to magnificent woodlands, which now form the bulk of the property. Since then, the Meldahls had added a spacious studio cabin, a writing shed, and a seasonal yurt.  Edgewood also abuts the Cape Cod National Seashore with its miles of trails and fire roads and Castle Hill will preserve half the woodland acreage of Edgewood through an arrangement with the Truro Conservation Trust.   This provides and preserves a large area of unprecedented beauty and tranquility, so essential to the creative process.   In other words, Edgewood is a perfect place for an active, engaged, and creative community to call home.  Edgewood makes it possible for Castle Hill to operate its current Meetinghouse Campus while introducing new elements, including:  

  • Residential spaces for short-term use by students and faculty in season

  •  Off-season residential spaces for Artists in Residence 

  •  Year-round studios and work spaces  for individual and small group work, including a large heated  printmaking studio

  •  A community garden - bringing the farm back to "Edgewood Farm"

  •  Additional class room  and seminar spaces 

  •  Updated wood/metal shops & fabrication labs to complement the ceramic studio for 3-D work. 

  •  Community spaces for indoor and outdoor gatherings -  from concerts to readings,  from culinary to cultural events

  •  Spaces for our arts partners -  other arts organizations in the region -  to collaborate on events and programs together in theater, film, music and more

  •  Open-air sculpture gardens

  •  New media programs, including trans-disciplinary, digital, and installation art 

  •  Expanded digital resources and spaces, including music and film

While we have acquired the property and begun restoration efforts, so much more needs to be done.  Please be a part of our future!