Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is a destination where journeys begin. Everyone is welcome to join, beginning or continuing an artistic exploration of new possibilities. Castle Hill opens doors to a whole range of opportunities, offering a great variety of artistic practices, sensibilities, traditions, aesthetic perspectives, mediums ancient and new that can certainly make one's life more interesting and rewarding. The Arts have the power to ignite creative energy. Making art in all of it's forms sparks curiosity when one question leads to the next. It powers the imagination and drives ambition. The process is exhilarating!

At Castle Hill personal journeys can begin by enrolling in a workshop, visiting an exhibition, writing, listening, or attending social events and being part of the wonderful diverse community that believes that the Arts are essential to all of us. Truro Center For the Arts' mission is to offer creative experiences that are transformative.

Tina (Elsa) Tarantal, Board Co-President

Nancy Rahnasto Osborne, Board Co-President