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Instructor: Tessera Knowles-Thompson
May 18th  
9am – 1pm
1 Session

Learn the art and science of composting! In this course, we will dive deep into the world of decomposition and micro-organisms. In addition to learning how to transform food scraps into a valuable soil amendment, we will:

  • Develop optimal compost recipe: how to get an ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio

  • Learn to troubleshoot your compost pile

  • Learn how to use compost: when is it ready? How much should be used?

  • Make our own compost tea to bring home to our plants

  • And much more!


Tessera Knowles-Thompson is a Provincetown based artist and natural science illustrator. Her passion for sustainability and food waste prevention led her down a path of self-directed research and education focused on organics recycling. In the fall of 2018, she attended the Maine Compost School, the longest running, internationally renowned compost program focused on medium to large-scale compost operations. She is the founder of Outermost Compost, currently an incubator project of the Provincetown Community Compact. Outermost Compost is a community composting organization focused on education and sustainable development. Their mission is to build a network of composters in the Outer Cape and reduce our region’s greenhouse gas emissions by diverting food scraps from entering the waste stream