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Instructor: Sheryl Jaffe
Monday - Friday
July 15 - 19
1pm - 4pm
5 Sessions

Combining creativity, science and imagination we create handmade paper. We go on an adventure exploring different fibers, traditional and contemporary techniques, colors, textures and pattern. We investigate finely, overbeaten high-shrinkage pulp and fibers blended rough and textured. Exploring inclusions, sizes and shape, paper can be formed to express different concepts, whether mapping memories and place or intuitive pathways on this journey of being human. Using traditional su-geta from Japan, floating molds from Western Asia and molds and deckles from Europe we will form papers of various local and exotic fibers that we cook and beat. These fibers will include kozo, eel grass, iris leaves, cotton and up-cycled blue jeans. We dry and “finish” the papers using wax or sizing, sewing or folding, creating unique paper art to enjoy.

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Sheryl Jaffe has been exhibiting her artwork throughout New York and New England for over 30 years. She works with organic materials, handmade paper from local and exotic plant fibers, beach stones, and found objects to create sculptures reminiscent of the human body, frailty of skin, juxtaposed with the power and strength of scale and material. She studied traditional hand papermaking in Japan and China and taught papermaking in Haiti. She has been teaching art, ceramics, printmaking and papermaking at museums, public schools and art centers; including the Cape Cod Photo Workshops, Worcester Center for Crafts, University of Massachusetts, Porter Phelps Huntington Museum and Matenwa Community School in Haiti. Jaffe was a resident artist at “The Barn”, Edward Albee Foundation and at Yellowstone National Park. The themes of her paper scrolls, prints, sculptures and installations include loss, forgiveness, erosion, transformation, vulnerability and strength. Her installations are an offering for viewers to move through, make discoveries, and be drawn in to contemplation.