Instructor: Melissa Ichiuji
Monday - Friday
August 12 - 16
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions

In this 5-day workshop, participants will have a hands-on opportunity to work with one of DC’s most dynamic sculptors, Melissa Ichiuji, known for her visceral, emotionally charged, and doll-like sculptures. Ichiuji will demonstrate her method of building a figure from the inside out using found materials, textiles, and meaningful artifacts. Participants will use movement, sketching and guided visualization to unlock the body and mind and learn techniques to create a uniquely personal AVATAR sculpture.

This is a perfect summer activity for teens!
A sculpture base and a sculpture armature will be provided! All levels welcome.

Melissa Ichiuji's Guise and Dolls workshop is a figurative sculpture class that uses self revelation (removal of the guise) as a starting point for the creation of a unique art doll. Dolls are relational objects that function as an extension of the self, the spirit and the psyche and have been used throughout history as spiritual intermediaries and powerful tools for self-transformation and ritual.

The Oracle  by Melissa Ichiuji

The Oracle by Melissa Ichiuji

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Melissa Ichiuji is an American artist based in Virginia. Her art explores dichotomies related to female empowerment and transcendence. She has exhibited in museums and galleries in Paris, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, NYC and Washington, DC. Her work has been featured in Modern Luxury, Art in America, Art Investor, NYART, Textiel Plus, the Washington Post and the book 100 Artist of Washington, DC. Read more at