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Instructor: Sunshine Cobb
Monday - Thursday
September 2 - 5
9am - 4pm
4 sessions

Sunshines demonstration will motivate you to experiment with new and old forms and methods of construction. Her workshop is geared toward creative expansion, a process-over-product mentality, beginners to advanced students will be inspired by. The workshop will include coil and pinch methods to hard and soft slab construction to generate pottery components. She will speak to the building surface through the making process and discuss the glaze and surface treatment of her work. Sunshines work is foundation is very much based in the tradition of historic ceramics. But she is a completely modern potter with contemporary themes in her work. She will talk about inspiration and how abstract concepts make their way into her work. And how to foster similar insertion into your own creative practice.

Sunshine is a full-time studio artist who specializes in handmade functional pottery, she frequently travels the country as an invited lecturing and demonstrating artist. Her work has drawn both critical praise for its whimsical rustic style and national and international commercial success. Utilizing traditional techniques, her work embodies the importance of hand-made pottery in an era of disposability, while representing a new model of a functional potter in the modern era.  Educated at California State University of Sacramento with a BA in Studio Arts and an MFA in Ceramics from Utah State University, Sunshine is the recipient of several esteemed honors in the field including serving as a long-term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT from 2012-2014 and named as 2013’s Emerging Artist by both the National Council of Education and Ceramics Monthly. Sunshine recently authored a book “Mastering Hand Building: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks for Slabs, Coil and More”(Voyageur Press, Feb 2018)

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