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Instructor: Elizabeth Awalt
Monday - Friday
September 16 - 20
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions
Open Studio 12 - 4 (Monday - Thurs)

Drawing outdoors is a complicated but exhilarating experience that challenges the artist on many fronts. The landscape is complex so it requires simplifying and is constantly changing which requires flexibility. To simplify your experience you will only work with ink and oil sticks on paper. These materials are lightweight and portable and encourage a loose and expressive approach. I will introduce various ways to work with these materials and encourage you to discover your own methods. You will be encouraged to let your drawings unfold, get messy and evolve. I’ll discourage you from making precious work so expect to make lots and lots of drawings!  We will spend the mornings drawing outdoors in a variety of locations and you will have access to the studio in the afternoon to review your work, make additional work and interact with your fellow students. 

 **This class is for students who have had previous drawing experience. You should be in good physical condition as you will need to walk and carry your materials to the drawing sites.