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Instructor: Seth Rainville
Monday - Friday
August 26 - 30
9am - 1pm
5 Sessions

Open Studio:
Monday - Thursday
1pm - 4pm

I love hosting cocktail parties where I allow my guests to select the perfect cup for their beverage of choice. As my cup collection is vast and varied, I enjoy watching people touch and feel each piece until they find the right one. For some, it is the maker. For others, it is the feel. Some choose based solely on surface design. Regardless, we have all learned how we interact with the daily routine of drinking. This workshop will focus on making drinking vessels of all kinds… from coffee mugs to whiskey cups. Special focus will be on mark making, surface design, slip and glaze application, and other finishing methods. Each participant is strongly encouraged to bring their favorite mug/cup for their morning beverage ritual, as we will start each day with ‘Coffee talk’.

Seth Rainville is a professional potter and entrepreneur from New Bedford, Massachusetts. For over twenty years he has devoted his efforts towards educating the broader public in the many facets of the ceramics world. He has been a museum curator, gallery owner, arts administrator, and continues to serve as a ceramics instructor at the Falmouth Art Center. After his 2017-2018residency for the Office of the Arts at Harvard University, Seth developed the online store/gallery sethrainvillehome.com which exhibits fine craft in a variety of media, and from a variety of fine artisans. He is widely collected and celebrated in various museums and galleries across the country.