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Instructor: Michael Biddle
Monday - Friday
August 26 - 30
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions

Drawing from the Mind’s Eye: Satire and Commentary in the Age of Drumpf. Expressing your rage and confusion in a constructive way with pixel and paper. We will work to develop a concept based on satire or political commentary. Emphasis on drawing, either on digital device or paper, but also using collage and other creative methods.

Michael Biddle studied printmaking and painting in Vienna and London in 1959-60. In 1964 he received a residency award to design a mosaic mural for the Skowhegan School and in l971 he taught the initial fresco painting class at Castle Hill. He later spent a summer teaching fresco and printmaking at Skowhegan. He has taught printmaking  at the School of Visual Arts and the Pratt Institute, and taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology from 1972 - 2005 where he became Chair of the Fine Arts Department in 2003. He has exhibited in many venues over this time.