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Instructor: Sarah Groves
Monday - Friday
August 19 - 23
1pm - 4pm
5 Sessions

Explore ways to colour copper and brass with eco-friendly patinas using some common, non-toxic substances (vinegar, garlic, horseradish, soy sauce, aspirin, cat urine, etc.) from the kitchen, backyard and grocery store. (After use these substances can be safely disposed of in the compost pile). Apply patinas to objects from home and thrift store finds. Or hammer, saw, file, emboss, dome, stamp and/or rivet copper sheet and wire into jewellery and small sculptural objects of your own design using hand tools and a variety of metalsmithing  techniques (tools and instruction provided). At the end of the week, participants will have one or more finished pieces with patinas and a manual of technical notes on eco-friendly patinas.

*Ages 12 and over

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Sarah Groves is a metalsmith/jeweller who creates jewelry and small sculptural objects using copper, brass, silver, gold and natural gemstones and has experimented with eco-friendly patinas for copper and brass for 15+ years. She teaches introductory and intermediate jewelry techniques in Vancouver, BC