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 Instructor: Clark Derbes
Monday - Friday
August 19 - 23
1pm - 4pm
5 Sessions

There will be ongoing discussion concerning art-practice adapting to life practice, and experimentation balanced with professional work.  The work shop will be focused on a balance between abstraction and representation. The second and fourth of the five days will be spent working "en plein air" with varying degrees of attention devoted to accurate portrayal of reality. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th days  will be spent working in the studio. 

For over a decade Clark Derbes has salvaged large hardwood trunks from arborists in the area surrounding his studio and carved these trunks with his chainsaw, honing them into raw shapes and meticulously painting them with a variety of complex visual systems, patterns and patina processes to make dimensional sculpture in a variety of sizes. Clark Derbes also makes paintings, works on paper and large public installations. He was born in New Orleans, LA in 1978 and raised in Baton Rouge where he remains closely tied to the community and where several of his large scale commissioned projects can be seen. He also makes large ‘self-commissioned’ public works designed to keep fluid the dialogue between free art and the material culture found in museums and other institutions. Derbes exhibits extensively throughout the US. He has made his home in Vermont since 2002.