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Instructor: Tetsunori Kawana
Monday - Friday
August 12 - 16
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions - open studio 1 - 4pm

Our goal in this workshop is to develop a new appreciation of nature through a closer view, as it inspired our creative expression. Our creations will aim to observe and contemplate cycles of life, the ever-changing form in all living things. This is a workshop in 3 dimensions, exploration and construction using the concepts of Japanese Ikebana

 Students will work creating in the natural environment, with Ikebana, installations  and land art.


 “Always I am listening to the heart-beat of the Earth and my creations echo this pulse of Nature.”

Tetsunori is an award winning installation artist and teacher at the Sogestu schoolin Tokyo Japan. For over 30 years, he has conducted Ikebana seminars and demonstrations at major conventions and institutions around the world! He is a sought after instructor in major countries throughout the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Australia, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore etc. where his work has been installed. He has received numerous awards from Sogetsu Headquarters for his Ikebana artistry, including the Newcomer’s Award, the Encouragement Award, and the prestigious SogetsuAward.

For over 20 years Tetsunori Kawana studied with and assisted the environmental artist, film director and headmaster of the Sogetsu School in Horoshi Teshigahara