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Instructor: Kim Possee
Monday - Wednesday
July 8 - 10
2pm - 4pm
3 Sessions
*Ages 5 - 12

Sessions are designed to be an enjoyable for children of all ages and ability levels. A myriad of materials and techniques will be presented and students will work both from observation and imagination. Their creative skills will be sparked as they experiment with different projects; working with pastels, resists, observational drawing and different types of paints. Some children may focus on experimenting with many techniques and projects and others may go more in-depth on just one or two- class will be personalized to adapt to individual interests.

Kim Possee loves helping children find their unique and authentic artistic voice. She’s been an artist and art educator for most of her adult life and has been teaching the children of Truro for over 15 years. She’s a lifelong learner with degrees in art education, visual design, and educational technology. Her own creative life is currently centered on painting (mostly encaustics) and printmaking balanced with her yoga practice. She lives in Orleans and spends as much time outdoors playing in nature as possible.