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Instructor: Judy Huge
Monday - Friday
August 12 - 16
10am - 12pm
5 Sessions

William Zinsser closes his revered Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction with the words: “Think small...If you still remember (the small incidents) it’s because they contain a universal truth that your readers will recognize from their own life.” In this workshop on writing short personal narratives, we search together for those small images and incidents, ripe with your story, that hold the keys to connecting with your reader. Each day we work with your own writing, either drawn from past work or newly written based on prompts provided in class. Each day we build on the work of the day before, exploring decisions every writer of narrative faces: How to structure your story, craft scenes, add action, bring characters to life, embody change, speak in the language of images, and hold it all together with a clear theme. Our quest is to create personal narratives that reveal what Michael Cunningham calls “those significant emotional, moral, and aesthetic truths that tend to conceal themselves among the everyday events” of our own lives.

Judith Huge has spent over 30 years developing innovative approaches to both learning and writing.  As president of her own national consulting firm, teacher of both undergraduate and graduate-level college courses, and director of writing workshops across the country, she has made a difference in the way thousands of people find, craft, and promote their writing voices.  She is a co-author of 101 Ways You Can Help, a guide to grief, as well as “A Middle Aged Woman and the Sea,” a tale of loss and transition published in the Traveler’s Tales anthology Women in the Wild. In the words of a recent participant, “This was an experience I will always treasure...it opened up so many possibilities to explore.” Opening up possibilities is a strength Judy cherishes and shares.