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Instructor: Tina Tryforos
Monday - Friday
July 22 - 26
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions

Experiments with Cyanotype is an opportunity to explore the visual landscape of the Outer Cape using cyanotype, an early photographic process invented in 1842. Cyanotypes are non-silver photographs made placing objects or negatives on hand-coated paper or fabric which is then exposed to ultraviolet light (typically sunlight). In this class we will make cyanotype images using objects we find, as well as photographic negatives we will make using an inkjet printer. Students will learn to mix cyanotype chemistry, coat paper and fabric, and process Prussian blue photographs using the sun. Class discussion will include the history of cyanotypes and their current popularity in the contemporary art world.

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Tina Tryforos is a photographer and book artist living and working in Rhode Island. Her practice exploreshuman ecology and the complicated relationship people have with the natural world. She embraces accidental and serendipitous interference whenever possible. Her photographs are quiet comments on the disquieting evidence of how we are playing with our planet.  Tina has an MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY where she learned to make cyanotypes and other alternative photographic processes.