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Instructor: Daniel Gadd
Monday - Friday
July 15 - 19
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions
Open Studio (Mon - Thurs only)
12pm - 4pm

This workshop will explore various methods of painting and sculpture through use of mixed media and assemblage.  Participants are encouraged to think beyond the traditional canvas rectangle and see how accident and chance can be utilized to break through typical creative blocks and expand an artist’s vocabulary.  Fearlessness through experimentation will be paramount


Daniel John Gadd is an artist living and working in New Jersey.  His work blurs the boundaries of painting and sculpture, abstraction and figuration, and “high” and “low” art, creating work that expresses a range of human emotion; at once violent, fragile, sensitive, fierce, vulnerable, and compassionate.  His most recent shows were mounted at David & Schweitzer Contemporary and John Davis Gallery and his work has been reviewed in Hyperallergic and Whitehot Magazine among others.