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Instructor: Brogan Ganley
Monday - Wednesday
July 15 - 17
2pm - 4pm
3 Sessions

Students will explore their imaginations, make art and learn about meditation and mindfulness. A new art project each day while being immersed in nature and self discovery. We’re curious about ourselves and the world around us. We will draw, paint, collect and work in the landscapes and see where our creativity takes us.

Brogan Ganley is an artist and Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and program developer, originally from New Zealand, now living in Brooklyn,NY. Brogan works with adults and children in New York schools, hospitals and corporate environments. Brogan’s artwork is very much related to the experience of being in nature and the landscape as well as meditation. She includes painting, drawing, weave and stitch work in her practice.  She has exhibited work in New Zealand, London and New York. Brogan had an artist residency at Castle Hill Truro in October.