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Instructor: Lois Hirshberg
June 24 - 28
Mon & Tues:  9am - 1pm
Thurs  & Fri: 9am - 3pm

A spectacular alternative firing technique! Unlike most ceramic firing processes Raku is a very fast process. Red hot pieces are removed from the kiln and smothered with combustible materials to create flashes of color in the glazes. Results will vary from turquoise to intense red/bronze to beautiful white crackle. We will also be experimenting with horse hair Raku. Raku never gets boring. It is elusive, mysterious, and totally at the mercy of nature’s fire. The unpredictability of the process is what makes it so exciting. Lois will also be demonstrating slab built vessels.  

This Raku workshop is open to all levels of expertise, people with little previous clay experience are welcomed.

Lois Hirshberg began working in clay in 1976 at Mudflat Studios in Cambridge, where she fell in  love with clay. She holds a M.Ed in mental health counseling, and a M. A. in Art Therapy. She has studied ceramics at the Bezalel School of Design in Jerusalem, and in Japan  through the Parsons School of Design, where she was greatly influenced. Lois was a Guidance Counselor at the K.C.Coombs School in Mashpee, MA for 18 years.