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Instructor: Megan Biddle
Monday - Friday
June 17 - 21
1pm - 4pm
5 Sessions

Pâte de verre is a kilncasting method that translates to "paste of glass".  In this process, finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding material, such as gum arabic and water then applied to the inner surface of a negative mold. The mold is fired and the the glass is fused creating a hollow object that can have thick or thin walls. In this class students will be introduced to this ancient process and explore image, mark making and color. We will learn the basics, creating an investment mold and packing it with glass. I will discuss the unique properties of glass which will include firing schedules, annealing and safety. We will look at the history of this technique which is one of the oldest known forms of glass working dating back to ancient Rome and Egypt, and how artists use it today. Students will make a two-dimensional panel and a three-dimensional vessel.

All levels are welcome.

Megan Biddle is an interdisciplinary artist whose work orbits between sculpture, installation and drawing. Rooted in glass, she produces experiment and process driven work with an emphasis on materials and their distinct characteristics. As an observer of nature she responds to the elusive and subtle, reflecting on variations of time, cycles of growth and erosion. She has attended residencies at The Macdowell Colony, The Jentel Foundation, The Creative Glass Center of America, Sculpture Space, The Virginia Center for Creative Arts, Pilchuck Glass School, Northlands Creative Glass in Scotland, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Mass MOCA. She has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including XO Projects INC., Side Show, The Islip Art Museum and the Everson Art Museum in New York; the Reynolds Gallery Richmond, VA.; Space 1026, Philadelphia Art Alliance in Philadelphia, PA.; Urban Arts Space Columbus OH.; Galerie VSUP in the Czech Republic; and the 700IS Experimental Film Festival in Iceland. Her work was acquired into the American Embassy’s permanent collection in Riga, Latvia. She has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Pilchuck Glass School, Urban Glass, Oxbow School of Art and currently teaches in the Glass Program at the Tyler School of Art. She is a Co-Director and member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. where she lives and works.