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Instructor: Marianne Kinzer
Monday - Friday
June 17 - 21
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions

This workshop is designed as an introduction to the basics of watercolor. Techniques we will explore include flat, graded and mingled washes and the nature of different pig-ments, whether transparent, staining or sedimentary. Color mixing will also be covered, as well as criteria for selecting watercolor paper and its handling. Demonstrations will be combined with hands-on exercises. No experience is required.

Marianne A. Kinzer, a 25-year summer resident of Truro, is an artist and watercolor painter. She studied at the University of Berlin and the Art Institute of Chicago. Active in her pursuit of technical and conceptual self-improvement throughout a 30-year career, she has for the last seven years focused on watercolor painting. She has studied with renowned artists, taught classes and won awards in Oak Park, Illinois, and recently led watercolor retreats at Castle Hill. Kinzer has shown and sold her work in several countries: Germany, where she was born and educated; Turkey, where she lived for 4 years; and in the US. She now lives and works in Truro and in Boston, where she maintains a large studio in Boston’s South End gallery district.