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Instructor: Debbie Hopkins
May 8
2pm - 4pm
1 Session

Part 2 of this series revisits legal status and staying within the law while growing your own plants. We will discuss growing from seed to harvest, (do you want seeds for next season?) how to care for and diagnose common growing problems, how to naturally mitigate pests and mold as well as how to sex your plant and what to do with your males.  Lastly, how to harvest, dry, cure and store your crop.

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Note:  This class is limited to students 21 years of age and over. Castle Hill makes no
representation as to the medical or recreational benefits of cannabis use. 

Debbie Hopkins RN BSN is a farmer, 500 hour certified yoga and movement specialist, and a cannabis nurse educator. A nurse entrepreneur, Debbie is also co-founder of Cape Cod Hummus. She and her business partner have recently created a line of cbd infused body balms and butters. Her new business, was created to help those who wish to understand and navigate the new legal and medical cannabis landscape.  Cannabis as medicine became her mission after learning that her husband’s stage 4 cancer was untreatable. His diagnosis sent her on a journey to seek out healthy alternatives to support his health. She has acquired a vast amount of knowledge on the health benefits of cannabis and how it can help in the treatment of most health-related conditions.