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Instructor: Martha Clarke
April 20
10am - 4pm
1 Session (of 2)

This is a highly intuitive embodiment workshop where you step into your astrological chart and leave your head to have some rest! The Moon in our astrological chart gives clues as to our true vocation. Venus is our creativity and Neptune represents the divine inspiration. Often we are far more creative than we either realize or allow ourself to be!
Come explore the depths of your creativity intuitively. 
It is useful to do some journalling around what you desire to create in your life some days before and after the workshop as journalling is subtly yet profoundly powerful.
Birth information required to prepare your chart beforehand. No prior astrological knowledge required

*Join us in the first session on April 13 and receive a discounted rate!

Martha Clarke is originally Irish and became an astrologer while living in Italy several years ago. She is passionate about her craft and loves seeing clients change their life and become their authentic self. She specialises in family astrology by helping families understand their different and equally valid means of communication, and also has a deep love of locational astology, which is the art of finding the most supportive places in the world to live, work and love. She holds face to face consultations in Boston and Provincetown and also via ZOOM.