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Instructor: Martha Clarke
April 13
10am - 4pm
1 Session (of 2)

The Lunar Nodes are the invisible part of the Moon in your natal birth chart. The South Lunar Node represents our familiar pattern which we fall back into whenever we feel we are too challenged by life. The North Lunar Node, on the other hand, represents our inner and internal pull towards what the soul longs and needs to experience in this lifetime. To become our true self and integrate who we really and truly are. Step into your Lunar Node in this powerful embodiment workshop and feel the pull of what your Soul truly longs to do.

These workshops are highly intuitive and you step totally out of your head and into your astrological chart which will be a large map on the ground. You step into the planet you feel most connected to and other participants take the place of other planets. You won't necessarily know which planet unless you can intuit it, which some participants can!

*Join us in the second session on April 20 and receive a discounted rate!

Martha Clarke is originally Irish and became an astrologer while living in Italy several years ago. She is passionate about her craft and loves seeing clients change their life and become their authentic self. She specialises in family astrology by helping families understand their different and equally valid means of communication, and also has a deep love of locational astology, which is the art of finding the most supportive places in the world to live, work and love. She holds face to face consultations in Boston and Provincetown and also via ZOOM.