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Instructor: Sara London
Monday - Thurdsay
August 5 - 8
1pm - 4:30pm
4 Sessions

Let’s begin with the bold premise that poetry can help save us! For centuries poets have celebrated the natural world, but today it’s hard to detach our love of the “wilds” from our worry that every continent and ocean is under threat. This class is for poets of all levels who wish to express passions and record memories, discoveries, questions and concerns about nature and the environment. Whether you’ve spied an Eastern spadefoot, foraged fiddleheads, or sprinted from a grizzly, your wide-ranging experiences, visions and voices will provide the lyric inspiration for discussions on crafting and revising strong, probing poems. Class sessions will include ample feedback on your poems, writing prompts, and brief discussions of “ecopoems” by established poets. 

*Please send 1-3 poems in advance of the workshop.  

Sara London is the author of The Tyranny of Milk and Upkeep (forthcoming in 2019), poetry collections published by Four Way Books. Her poems have appeared in The Hudson ReviewPoetry EastThe Iowa Review, the Poetry Daily anthology, The CommonQuarterly West and elsewhere. She is also the author of two children’s books. She currently teaches creative writing and literature at Smith College. See more at saralondonwriter.com.