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Instructor: Laura Shabott
Monday & Wednesday
November 18 & 20
9am - 12pm
2 Sessions

Over two days with a model, with a day in between sessions, you will be guided through exercises that make clear the concepts and tenets of Cubism, Hans Hofmann’s push/pull and learn about the two generations of artists that followed. By understanding the history of the arts colony that you work in, your own compositions and mark-making will be exciting and informed.

We will begin with gesture drawings and move into the geometric disruption of Cubism and the fundamentals of Hofmann using charcoal, scissors, colored paper, glue, conte, chalks and watercolor. You will experience full creative expression in the drawing medium. There will be group and individual feedback in the shared effort to create good art.

Along with two days of instruction, there is an open life available on Thursdays at Castle Hill for a fee of $15.00