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Instructor: Mick Thyer
Monday - Friday
July 29 - August 2
9am - 12pm
5 Sessions

This workshop teaches the art and craft behind the screenplay by engaging the class in ‘method’ based writing exercises and discussions of film and television scripts.  Students learn how to structure a screenplay, develop the inciting incident, and create dynamic characters.

Looking at work such as The Verdict (David Mamet), Taxi Driver (Paul Schrader), American Beauty (Alan Ball), The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin), Juno (Diablo Cody). TV Pilots such as Mad Men (Matthew Weiner), Breaking Bad (Vince Gilligan), The Wonder Years (Neal Marlens and Carol Black) and Ozark (Bill Dubuque).

Mick Thyer is a director  & writer who has been teaching workshops in LA for 8 years. Originally from Australia, Mick has worked in a wide spectrum of theatre and film projects as both a director and writer, and has just completed directing his first feature film in Belgrade, Serbia.