South Hollow Spirits & Castle Hill
September 18
1pm - 4pm
1 session

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Ever wanted to tour Cape Cod’s only distillery and also take a clay class? Come enjoy a tasting at South Hollow Spirits and then hand build and decorate your own cordial cup.

South Hollow Spirits is the first legal distillery on Cape Cod since Prohibition, and we produce stand alone small-batch spirits with a commitment to quality and flavor. We distill our hand-crafted rums and gin in a 250 gallon copper pot and column still, producing each batch with care. Our spirits are fermented, distilled, bottled, and labeled on-site by our scrappy team, led by Dave Roberts Jr.

The taste+making program is a series of classes that highlight the interdependent relationship of food and pottery. Students will enjoy a culinary experience taught by passionate local specialists and also get their hands dirty with a fun and easy clay project relating to the subject.