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Instructors: Mark Shapiro & Sam Taylor
August 6 - 9
Monday - Thursday
9am - 2pm
4 Sessions

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Mark and Sam will bring everything they do in their studios to this dynamic collaborative experience. We will throw, carve, alter, construct, decorate, and everything in between with an eye to bouncing all of our individual approaches off one another, creating an environment that values exploration. We are seeking the next pot and the next question.

Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor have been working together for over thirty years, firing wood kilns, developing ideas and work, and sharing the journey. They have been increasingly focused on community-based pottery, working locally and nationally with group firings, POW! (Pots on Wheels!), and studio tours. They recently taught together at the Penland School and Anderson Ranch and exhibited their individual and collaborative work at the Lacoste Gallery in Concord, MA. Over the years they have both taught many workshops separately at Castle Hill. This is a first together.